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Features Archive

April 20, 1998
The Tech Report: Big Shot

Analog tape’s finest hour (before digital video takes over the world).

April 20, 1998
The Tech Report: Silicon Survivors

Darwinists, take note: The city’s new-media industry has entered the Age of Accountability, wherein balance sheets and business plans suddenly matter.

April 20, 1998
Eager Diva

Bred for the footlights as if Broadway really mattered, Melissa Errico channels the spirit of Cole Porter in High Society.

April 20, 1998
Politics: The Seven Stages of Newt
April 20, 1998
The Tech Report: I’m A Loser, Baby

Five Silicon Alley Big Ideas that went bust.

April 13, 1998
Hard Lessons

Why does a kid who’s barely scraping by have a better chance of getting into the high school of her choice than an eager B student? An investigation.

March 23, 1998
The Double Life of a Ludlow Street Landlord

When Mark Glass was charged with plotting the death of two of his tenants, his Orthodox family and friends from Manhattan Beach were as shocked as his hipster tenants on the Lower East Side. But the district attorney says that it’s all on tape. So who is the real Mark Glass: the mensch or the murderer?

March 16, 1998
Big Shot

At 23, Larry Meistrich launched SoHo’s hottest film company witha mix of no-frills financing and extravagant chutzpa. But will that be enough to construct a lavish Hollywood-style studio in, uh, New Jersey?

March 16, 1998
Meet the New Boss at CBS (Careful, He Bites)

Three years ago, no one but Howard Stern and Don Imus had heard of Mel Karmazin. Today, the demanding, tight-fisted radio mogul is running the Tiffany Network, and Wall Street couldn't be happier.

March 2, 1998
Can This Man Save Publishing?

Big publishers may be bailing out of serious fiction and nonfiction, saying they can’t make the mid-list pay, but a former LBO magnate named Frank Pearl is out to prove they’re wrong. And he’s already got a best-seller to show for it.