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Jimmy Breslin

April 7, 1969 |
Namath All Night Long

…The night before the Oakland game I grabbed a girl and a bottle and went to the Summit Hotel and stayed in bed all night…Same thing before the Super Bowl. It's good for you…

May 5, 1969 |
I Run to Win

Some time ago, I made a basic decision about the way in which I was going to live the little of life available to me.

October 5, 1970 |
Is Washington Ready for Bella Abzug? Is Anybody?

". . . Here she is, pushing, brawling, striding her way toward the United States Congress - Bella Abzug, daughter of the owner of the Live and Let Live Meat Market on Ninth Avenue . . ."

May 14, 2008 | Feature
'Bonnie and Clyde' Revisited

". . . The movie is only a reflection, a very pretty one, of what makes people murder. Real murderers aren't ever that pretty . . ."

July 28, 1969 |
Is Lindsay Too Tall to Be Mayor?

"... Short, waddling, crying, sweating Mario talks about 'a clean city and a safe city,' and suddenly it's not too good to be tall and handsome. 'Send Lindsay to a dance,' the cabdrivers yell..."