July 25, 2005

Fast Love
I’ve been around some amazing women in my day, some of them wildcats in bed. I’ve even hired a few “escorts.” But $2,000 for an hour with Natalia [“ The $2,000-an-Hour Woman,” by Mark Jacobson, July 18]? Come on—what could she possibly have, or do, that’s worth that much? Is there a seven-minute plan for a man on a budget?
—Russell Clay, Manhattan

Bed Politics
In my part of New Jersey, the rumors have been rife for years about Jon Corzine’s affair with a “lobbyist,” and I always wondered when the voters would find out who she was [“ The Deal He Made,” by Craig Horowitz, July 18]. One month after the Democratic powers-that-be gave Corzine their blessing to run unopposed in the primary for governor, New Jersey Democratic voters were told that their “choice” had jumped into bed, literally, with the most powerful lobbyist in the state, and one he will have to negotiate with in order to lower our taxes. This November, I’ll exercise my choice to stay home rather than endorse this process.
—Sandra Coppola, Short Hills, N.J.

When you surveyed New Yorkers outside Grand Central on what the city should do to secure our subways [“Intelligencer: 100-Person Poll: How Did London Affect New York?,” July 18], no one commented on the problem of exiting the subway in an emergency. In some stations, turnstiles are gated off, leaving as the only available means of egress two heavy revolving metal gates, which only allow for the slow passage of one person at a time. People are going to be trapped.
—Scott Rose, Manhattan My Girl
I have been following Rachel Maddow since the inception of Air America and her late, brilliant show “Unfiltered” [“Television: Rooting for Lefty,” by Ken Tucker, July 18]. Along with Lizz Winstead (of The Daily Show) and Chuck D, Rachel spent an entire season of mornings keeping us informed and laughing while really educating us. I cried the day “Unfiltered” went off the air in favor of Jerry Springer, but was so happy that Air America was smart enough to keep Rachel on for her new early-morning show. I now listen to a Podcast every day, and I also wouldn’t miss her at night on Tucker Carlson’s show. Thanks to her, Carlson is now slightly palatable.
—Melina Brown, Stamford, Conn. Queens of All Trades
In “ The Queens 50” [July 18], you advise people to visit “before Queens is sacked and made safe for Starbucks and sushi.” I can walk to three Starbucks from my home in Forest Hills, which is near a gazillion Japanese restaurants serving sushi. There’s at least one kosher supermarket on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills that employs its own sushi chef. We’re just as urbane as Manhattan and Brooklyn, but with better landscaping.
—Elaine Wohl, Forest Hills

Roman à Clef
As an avid reader of his books, I am comforted to know that Tom Wolfe remains committed to conspiracy theories and character dramas [“Intelligencer: The 2 Columbus Circle Game,” by Tom Wolfe, July 4–11]. Unfortunately, this is no game. The Museum of Arts & Design is investing more than $30 million to take this vacant, derelict, nearly windowless building and transform it into a vibrant museum located at one of the city’s major crossroads, serving New Yorkers with dynamic exhibitions and education programs. Wolfe uses the word craziness a few times. It’s craziness indeed to use one’s bully pulpit to harm a project that could bring great benefits to the city and its citizens.
—Holly Hotchner, Manhattan
Director, Museum of Arts & Design

Contrary to what was asserted in “ The Prisoner of Sex,” by Ariel Levy (June 6), the anti-pornography legal theory developed by Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon was not used in Canada to attack gay bookstores or to ban Dworkin’s own work.

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July 25, 2005