Letters to the Editor

July 26, 2004

Sound Off
Revising the city’s noise policies is long overdue [“The Noise,” by Clive Thompson, July 12]. Mayor Bloomberg should be applauded for his efforts, regardless of his motivations. At least he is attempting to provide New Yorkers with some real alternatives.
—Lance Doty, ManhattanUntil Mayor Bloomberg is able to turn New York into a suburb of Jersey City, I have a nifty and no doubt effective solution for sensitive New Yorkers who are troubled by all those big, mean noises in the city: Move to Connecticut. It’s lovely.
—Kenneth P. Scrudato, Manhattan
What about car alarms—the most annoying and gratuitous sources of noise in the city? These nerve-shattering blares are like graffiti, creating an atmosphere of lawlessness that makes it feel like crime is everywhere. They are an attack against civilized society.
—George Jochnowitz, Manhattan

Those who think that a Mister Softee truck’s jingle is benign have never had one parked under their window for an hour.
—Andrea Hale, Manhattan

It is inconceivable to me that an indepth article can be written about noise in New York City without mentioning the high-decibel emergency sirens screaming through the streets. Mayor Bloomberg frequently refers to New York as the greatest city in the world. However, it cannot possibly be true as long as the city remains the loudest, nor will the situation improve by ignoring the greatest offenders.
—Ida J. Salm, Manhattan

Dean’s List
Thanks for “Memories of a Dean Administration” [by Meryl Gordon, July 12]. I’m a Howard Dean supporter, and this is how I expected him to go on with his career: campaigning for the winning nominee, expressing no recriminations or bitterness, and still working hard to give us our country back. It’s nice to see my expectations confirmed.
—Joy Matkowski, Enola, Pa.

Fred Lives!
Warning signs or not, Fred the swan is there, and he is ornery as ever [“Intelligencer: Hamptons Wildlife,” by Beth Landman, July 12]. During a leisurely kayaking trip across Georgica Pond, my family and I encountered the infamous attack fowl. It was an experience similar to a scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Fred is definitely not pleased with the activity on this pond, and in this he has something in common with his human East Hampton neighbors.
—Scott Beck, Manhattan

The mysterious swan has been guarding his post for close to six years, and he is no laughing matter. The day our family rented a canoe for a relaxing paddle and picnic was the last day our kids would join us on Georgica Pond.
—Bibi Myerson, Amagansett, N.Y.

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