May 3, 2004

Elements Of Style
I love the photograph by Gentl & Hyers on the cover of “Home Design: The New Garde” [April 12]. The image reminds me of a Sempé illustration. It’s so beautifully art-directed—not too hard to do, of course, with such an awesome space.
—Mary Healy, Manhattan

It seems rather sad to have the only color in a home come from one’s pet. I can’t help feeling sorry for that little dachshund. Is it ever going to be able to snuggle up on that white couch with its master? Designers must learn that putting a bit of color on the wall or the floor can bring life into a sterile room. Oh, that poor little dog.
—John Freimann, Manhattan

Thank you for the home-design issue. I was especially interested to read about the collaboration between homeowner and designer. This is what I have always wanted design periodicals to do more of—discuss the process of design, rather than just the outcome.
—Vonda Givens, South Orange, N.J.

In “The Architect’s Architect” [by Christopher Hawthorne, April 12], Alexander Gorlin and Daniel Libeskind point out that Mies van der Rohe chose to live across the street from the Lake Shore Drive Apartments so that he could see them from his window. Well, I have a most intimate view of the Libeskind-Gorlin loft from the windows of my own loft, and while I am sure the windows they installed look fabulous from the inside and enable Libeskind to view all the wonderful sights, the rest of us must now view a building’s façade that has a seventh floor that shouts “Look at me! Don’t I look out of place?” It’s too bad that Libeskind and Gorlin do not have the same view of their work as did Mies van der Rohe of his.
—Margaret Badali, Manhattan

Thorny Politics
New Yorkers do not “want their mayor to be a prick,” as Greg Sargent writes [“The City Politic: Bye, Mr. Nice Mike,” April 12]. Rather, we want our mayor to lead us through the worst fiscal crisis in 30 years without the loss of essential services and without squandering years of budgetary surplus. We want our mayor to keep the crime rate down. We also want our mayor to take responsibility for the education of our children. I’d vote for Bloomberg for any office he seeks.
—Alan Chaprack, Manhattan

Pious John
John Leonard’s brilliant review [“Television: Not My Jesus,” April 5] of Peter Jennings Reporting: Jesus and Paul—The Word and the Witness was so inspiring, I had to suppress the urge to convert.
—Marion Morgenstern, Kent, Wash.

John Leonard’s preference to put Jesus in a warm-and-fuzzy box, more like “Picasso’s blind guitar player” than the “Braveheart and Ted Nugent of the Gospel According to Gibson” in The Passion of the Christ, omits the brutal sacrifice Jesus made. How can one receive his gift of love without understanding what he truly went through for us? It’s all about his sacrifice, and if you omit it, then Jesus is just like any other good Samaritan. 
—Lisa Jaffuel, Fort Bragg, Calif.

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May 3, 2004