Week of June 2, 2003

Bravo to Hal Rubenstein for urging New Yorkers to keep eating French [“Restaurants: The Gaul of It,” May 5]. To boycott French restaurants in Manhattan is brainless and childish, and anyone who does it is a complete ass. After all, it’s food—there’s no principle involved.
-Duey Baab, Belleville, N.J.

Deutsch’s Land
Having worked more closely with Donny Deutsch than anyone else for the past fourteen years, I found myself wondering who the caricature portrayed in your article was [“Act Two of an Adman,” by Steve Fishman, May 5]. Donny can indeed be bold, aggressive, and candid (with an occasional fuck here and there), but he is also incredibly smart, thoughtful, insightful, and nice. Deutsch, the brand, is about a man and an agency that continue to thrive and mature in any economic environment with an impressive roster of blue-chip clients and talented employees.
-Linda Sawyer, Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Deutsch Inc., Manhattan

Movie Miscellany
In his review of It Runs in the Family [“Movies: Latin King,” May 5], Peter Rainer refers to Diana Douglas as Kirk’s real-life wife. In fact, she is his ex-wife (and the mother of Michael). Kirk has been married to Anne Douglas for 49 years. 
-Joan D. Rubinstein, Manhattan

Describing the documentary Spellbound, Peter Rainer mentions “a geeky sprite” named Harry “who cracks up at his own jokes; when it comes time for him to spell cephalagia, you really pull for him to ace it.” As Harry’s mother, I can tell you that he did indeed ace it, but by spelling it c-e-p-h-a-l-a-l-g-i-a.
-Fay Sharit, Glen Rock, N.J.

Bob Kerrey, Union-Buster
Meryl Gordon makes much of New School president Bob Kerrey’s enthusiasm for faculty governance [“Bob Kerrey’s New War,” April 28]. However, Kerrey is currently trying to block the formation of a union for faculty at the New School. Many of us have taught here for years and are still under contract semester-by-semester with no promise of renewal of work. Last year, the effort to form a union began, which has led to our call for a union election. Kerrey is trying to prevent this election, fighting to keep many of us from being able to vote. Sadly, the former liberal senator is adding “union-buster” to his list of credentials.
-Joel Schlemowitz, Manhattan

Booty Fades
I was amused by the predicament of “bootylicious” Teresa in Amy Sohn’s “Toughs Loved” [“Naked City,” March 31], who complains, “Sometimes I can’t believe I’m 30 and don’t even have a potential boyfriend.” She doesn’t seem to realize that she already has two strikes against her: First of all, she has the same “I am beautiful, therefore the world owes me something” sense of entitlement that most attractive women have. Second, when it comes to men, she seems to be looking for, in the words of Hawkeye in M*A*S*H, “a custom fit in an off-the-rack world.” It’s time for Teresa to make up her mind: Does she want a trophy or a team player? She may have just turned 30, but 40 comes awfully quickly.
-Charles Johnson, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Long Live the Queen
Why would a staunch Chicagoan subscribe to New York Magazine? For Maura B. Jacobson, your queen of the crosswords. Take it from me—my 87 years give me some authority in the appreciation of imaginative crosswording. Even when all else seems to be tumbling down, Ms. Jacobson’s puzzles always bring me peace and quiet.
-Eleanor Perry, Chicago, ILL.

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Week of June 2, 2003