Letters August 11, 2003

Dynasty Of One The cover of your July 21 issue calls the Cuomo-Kennedy breakup “the divorce of the two great Democratic dynasties.” What Cuomo dynasty? Mario Cuomo was elected governor three times, but he was defeated in a bid for a fourth term by an unknown state senator from upstate. Andrew’s gubernatorial bid was a pipe dream that conveniently ended before he faced embarrassment. The political accomplishments of the Cuomo clan are minor-league compared with those of the Kennedys.
-John Sanchez, Glastonbury, Conn.

The White-horsey Set However troubled Kerry Kennedy Cuomo’s marriage to Andrew Cuomo was, I admire her record of human-rights activism. Michael Wolff does a disservice to organizations such as Amnesty International and Speak Truth to Power by trivializing her contributions to the movement for human rights as a “leisure-time” distraction on a par with polo [ “They’ve Come Undone,” July 21].
-Marion I. Lipshutz, Brooklyn

Colley: Go Lightly Those of us who have come to know Bruce Colley during the fifteen-year hiatus of Michael Wolff’s association with him can only observe with incredulity Mr. Wolff’s graceless personal attack upon a uniquely gracious man.
-Mr. and Mrs. Alan Behr, Manhattan

She’s No Pearl By sleeping with unavailable men, women like Dana Pearl hide from real relationships [“Naked City: The Other Woman,” by Amy Sohn, July 21]. Though she masks her fear of commitment with an I’m-a-career-woman-and-can-pay-my-own-way façade, she’ll still likely spend her forties at home alone with a cat.
-Peter Klein, Manhattan

Tit For Tat Dana Pearl is in denial. She doesn’t realize that men are attracted to her because she is weak. Amy Sohn sees women who “settle” for the house and kids as unambitious, but men tend to respect women who demand something in return.
-J. C. Panker, Hoboken, N.J.

Correction: in the August 4 “Intelligencer,” we reported that fifteen lawsuits had recently been filed against the New York Times’ television subsidiary (“Trauma Case”). Though there are fifteen complainants, the number of lawsuits is nine. The documentary in which the plaintiffs appeared was filmed by the Times’ subsidiary, not the Learning Channel, as we reported, and was filmed in 2001, not earlier this year. New York regrets the errors.

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Letters August 11, 2003