February 2, 2004

A Rocker-Fella’s Center
I was awestruck by “The Place to Be” [by John Homans and Mark Jacobson, December 22–29]. It offered me (like I give a shit about anywhere else; hey, I’m a native!) a history of an era I know and insights into hangouts before and after my time. Oh, and Max’s rocked more in ’67 (the year of the Velvets) than in ’69. And if you take a closer look at page 79 of this wonderful issue, sitting on Janis Joplin’s left is Tim Buckley, who to me is the biggest superstar at that table. This city fuckin’ rocks, don’t it?
—Alan Chaprack, Manhattan

Southern Comfort
It’s hard to tell, in the photograph on page 70 of the “Place to Be” issue, if Gore Vidal is chatting with Tennessee Williams or is himself being cruised by Williams, a situation that does not appear to affect Donald Windham, who prefers looking at the dancer Tanaquil LeClercq. It’s a great shot, and the other photographs made reading this piece an experience worth repeating. Good work, guys.
—Richard de Thuin, Manhattan

Photo Finish
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fabulous “Place to Be” issue. Please, may we have another? The pictures provide a priceless understanding of what New York is all about. I am so delighted that someone understands the difference between glam and glamour.
—Jay R. Conley, Pittsburgh, PA.

Love It or Levittown
In your lauding of Al Franken [“New York Awards 2003,” December 22–29], you reprinted his fallacious assertion that I was not raised in Levittown. Since one of the historians of that massive housing development recently issued a statement certifying that I am, indeed, a “Levittowner,” you are guilty of perpetuating Mr. Franken’s fraud. By the way, after perusing your awards for 2003, I have one question: How did Fidel Castro not make the cut?
—Bill O’Reilly, Long Island, N.Y.

City Spice
You billed the New York Magazine Awards 2003 as “a salute to the New Yorkers who made the city’s show go on.” The inclusion of Tim Robbins, Hillary Clinton, and Al Franken suggests that a little Bush-bashing is an important ingredient of the city’s show.
—Michael Hope, Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Correction: James J. Cramer’s stock positions for his “Bottom Line” column “Lovable Losers” [January 19–26] incorrectly indicated he owned stock in Cingular, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Adelphia, and Cablevision. At the time of publication, he did not own these stocks or otherwise have investments in these companies. New York regrets the error.

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February 2, 2004