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Mary Jane Weedman

October 27, 2015 |
Smoky Cocktails

Five drinks with mezcal, Scotch, and tequila that will make your guests feel warm and fuzzy.

July 27, 2015 | Everything Guide
How to Spend Time Alone

In a city that can provoke loneliness—but also reward solitude.

May 4, 2015 |
The Right Night

Prefer to sip a Manhattan from the 65th floor in midtown or dance till 4 a.m. on a Monday? Choose your kind of spring drinking.

May 4, 2015 |
The Wee Hours in Bushwick

Start off this late-night bar crawl with a craft cocktail; end with a 4 a.m. round of spin the bottle.

May 4, 2015 |
For a Debauched Night

From Circle Line raves to Alexander Wang conga lines, ranking the city’s newest, most over-the-top parties.

May 4, 2015 |
Now, That’s a Cocktail

Dainty apple-juice punch, pineapple parrot drinks, pH-adjusted mimosas, and other new drinking trends for discerning tastes.

May 4, 2015 |
For a Dignified Night

Civilized but surprisingly unfusty new bars.

March 17, 2015 |
Drink Pink

A rosé (and cider) at every price point.

December 29, 2014 |
1. Everyone Knows Everyone.

It’s uncanny how many New York chefs and restaurateurs have worked with the same handful of people.

December 3, 2014 | Everything Guide
Your Grandmother’s Guide to Pot

For novices and those too stoned to ever wonder what it was doing to them, a crash course in marijuana physiology—and the new, almost-sort-of-legal landscape.