Agenda Newsletter - May 8, 2007

Witness reality TV’s most intense finale ever!
Work Out
Bravo!; Tonight; 10 p.m.
You couldn’t have scripted season two of lesbian gym owner Jackie Warner’s series any better: She dumped the psycho biter Mimi early on, taking up with a hot, “straight” (or is it “gay”?) lady trainer, stirring disgust and jealousy in the gym’s ranks. Titillation, check. But last week brought genuine tragedy: Doug, another trainer, died suddenly, just as Jackie was finally facing her father’s suicide. Tonight’s season finale may prove that reality TV has a moral center after all.

See this musical before it wins a Tony
Spring Awakening
  Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater’s rock musical won raves when it opened in December, then faced a perilous winter of scrabbling together a Broadway audience for some very un-Broadway material (hormonal teens, light S&M). Not only did it survive the slow season, it’s also become a bona fide hit—and with Tony nominations right around the corner, the crowds will only grow. Grab what’s turned out to be a very hot ticket now. Eugene O’Neill Theatre
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Radio rap enters an alternate universe
Ratatat Presents Remixes Vol. II   Nothing against big-time beat maker Jazze Pha, but in our clouds-of-cotton-candy alternate universe, rappers like Young Buck would also enlist idiosyncratic producers like Brooklyn electro-rockers Ratatat. Good thing there are these remixes: Everyone wins when Biggie’s “Party & Bullshit” becomes a wrecking-ball banger, Slim Thug, T.I. & Bun B.’s “Three Kings” a trancelike drone, and Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z’s “Glock Nines” a nostalgic accordion lament. It’s worth having to track down the tour-only disc at Ratatat’s next show. Tour only

Watch DVD extras on par with a masterpiece
Army of Shadows   Last year’s best-reviewed movie (which we also loved) now gets a Criterion DVD treatment that deserves the same kind of raves. Not just any extras will do for Jean-Pierre Melville’s stunning drama of the French Resistance—here you’ll find, among other things, a 1944 documentary short shot on the frontlines and interviews with Resistance veterans. Says Melville, a vet himself: “The war period was awful, horrible, and … marvelous.” Here’s something to marvel at. Criterion Collection
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Orchestra Seats to the
Many Moods of Miles Davis
Win tickets to see jazz greats perform Davis’s music at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater!
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Theater epic comes to an end
The Coast of Utopia
  This is it: Your last chance to see Ethan Hawke hamming it up as a caddish proto-nihilist (or, for that matter, Jennifer Ehle philosophizing in a garden while topless). Theater cannot live on hoopla alone, and Tom Stoppard’s incredible trilogy of plays on the intellectual forefathers of the Russian Revolution is no exception—they’re all done come Sunday. But there are still tickets to this Tony shoo-in; as a capitalist, you know what to do. Lincoln Center
May 13
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Give them a blast from the past
Shirley Temple Shorts   This rare DVD collection—which, being cheap, we discovered at a 99-cent store—will charm even the most jaded Disneyphile. Take the 1932 one-reeler Glad Rags to Riches. Temple stars, in a cast of preschoolers, as a singer held in captivity by the diaper-and-tie-sporting owner of the seedy Lullaby Lobster Palace; her bumpkin boyfriend travels the underworld in an attempt to rescue her. A prime example of pre-Code Hollywood for kids. Entertainment Outlet
103 W. 14th St.

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May 8, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - May 8, 2007