Agenda Newsletter - April 18-20, 2007

Alec Baldwin is in a movie. That is all.
Brooklyn Rules

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“Alec Baldwin is so good in the coming-of-age gangster drama Brooklyn Rules that it’s like watching a voodoo priest.” That’s David Edelstein, just a few lines down from where he explains how Baldwin’s notorious voice mail to his daughter threw the actor’s talents into relief (“He loves to generate a colossal wave of anger and then ride it into shore”). The movie’s written by Terence Winter and directed by Michael Corrente, both big-time talents, but we’re ponying up for the big, bad Baldwin.

Houston fave to rap about food, women
Devin the Dude
  It’s a rare and wonderful treat when Houston’s favorite semi-underground rapper hits town. March’s Waitin’ to Inhale, the Dude’s first Billboard-charting album, increased his cult, though he focused as always on the quotidian elements of life—food, weed, women, gasoline. (Check out “What a Job,” a paean to the pleasures of life as a rapper, on his MySpace page.) There are six openers tonight, so don’t expect the man to come on until late. Knitting Factory
10 p.m.
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Martina McBride croons new tunes.

Shrek makes a comeback.      

Lots of bands to make lots of noise
No Fun Fest
  Yes, Virginia, noise-rock festivals do sell out. Thankfully, tickets will be saved for the door during this annual Brooklyn event, which is curated by laptop-rocker Carlos Giffoni and might be the most dissonant, raucous fun you’ll have all season. Ever-ubiquitous Thurston Moore will perform on Sunday, but with the exception of Tokyo’s long-running and rightfully famous Merzbow (playing Saturday), we recommend just immersing yourself in the margins. Who wouldn’t want to hear a band called Sissy Spacek? The Hook
May 20
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Bike geeks: Ride to this film fest.

Talib Kweli comes in from Chicago.      

Best Rambo movie ever now on DVD
Apocalypto   The only problem David Edelstein seemed to have with this Mayan slaughterfest, which builds into “the best Rambo movie ever made,” is that director Mel Gibson doesn’t seem to realize that it’s just a dumb action flick. We do, and we love it just the way it is. Despite the movie being “thunderously kinetic, voluptuous in its savagery,” we know many people who have yet to experience the witless masterpiece. Rent now, maybe you’ll buy later. Touchstone
Out May 22
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Opera-comedy—playing for two nights only.

Arianna Huffington, Thomas Friedman talk tech and politics.      

Seemingly wacky show actually deep
Haim Steinbach
  Luckily, Steinbach—once a hero of the late-eighties movement known as Neo-Geo—never went away. Here he’s showing ten of his signature large-scale, wedge-shaped wall shelves, which are filled with oddball objects displayed in ordered, often color-coded configurations: rubber dog chews, electronic “Hulk” hands, plastic pumpkin lamps, and electronic Halloween rat hats. It sounds wacky and ridiculous, but the results are often stately, and make an elegant commentary on the things we see but rarely study. Sonnabend
June 30
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Closing! Rirkrit Tiravanija makes dinner.

Surrealist shutterbug shows at High Line fest.      

Teach them how to make a cartoon
Dan Yaccarino
  Here’s an event for the multimedia generation: In the morning, author-illustrator-animator Dan Yaccarino reads from his great new NYC-themed picture book, Every Friday; in the afternoon, he’ll give fans of his cartoon series, Oswald, a sneak peek of a show he just developed for the Discovery Channel and teach them how to storyboard. Adult companions, know that Yaccarino admires Charles and Ray Eames and Herman Miller—see if you can spot their influence. PlayWorks Reads
Children’s Museum of Manhattan
May 19
Free with admission
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Dinosaurs on Imax—enough said.

Wynton Marsalis himself hosts Jazz for Young People.        

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May 18-20, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - April 18-20, 2007