Agenda Newsletter - May 24, 2007

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T.I. likes to refer to himself as king, but he’s apparently taken lessons from some modern leaders: “Big Things Poppin’” is a preemptive strike on the summer-pop sweepstakes, three or so minutes of overwhelming force featuring the rapper’s rat-tat-tat rhymes and a sinuous guitar lick, courtesy of producer Mannie Fresh, that portends August’s dog days. “Dominated ’06, now I’m going right back,” Mr. Clifford Harris raps—and just in time for the long weekend.
    It’s ba-ack! (For six weeks)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip   Studio 60 was reliably bad, yes, but in unique and often invigorating ways. The much-discussed, even-more-maligned Aaron Sorkin drama returns tonight for the opposite of a victory lap—NBC is apparently burning off the remaining six episodes. Given that it lost its original time slot to the dumb-ass The Real Wedding Crashers, we’re feeling like the self-righteous Sorkin was on to something after all with his high-minded screeds about TV. We wouldn’t dream of missing his show’s last gasp. NBC
10 p.m.
      New dance residency a San Francisco treat
Claude VonStroke
  Does Barclay Crenshaw really need a pseudonym? When it’s as brilliant as Claude VonStroke, absolutely. The name alludes to raw Dutch techno and Crenshaw’s Michigan forebear Claude Young, but all you need to know is that the guy’s responsible for last year’s uncommonly catchy club hit “Who’s Afraid of Detroit.” Actually, this is all you need know: This new monthly residency has drawn Crenshaw away from his super-fun Golden Gate Park parties, and we’re blessed to have him. Dirtybird
10 p.m.
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Golden Door   One “momentous and magical” overhead shot defines this “blessing” of a coming-to-America chronicle. To paraphrase David Edelstein: Hundreds of Sicilians assemble on a ship, while their countrymen stand on the other side of the railing. From above, they are one people—and then, with a deep rumble, the ship begins to pull away, an ocean opening between them. The camera stays with the ship, so it’s the people on land who appear to be sailing away. And, in a sense, they are: into history. Miramax
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Rap king decrees start of summer
Big Things Poppin’
T.I.; Atlantic/Grand Hustle; See recent Agenda winners    

Anti-Serra’s show about to slip away
Julianne Swartz
  Swartz is something of the Anti-Serra; her fragile, ephemeral sculptures don’t articulate the mass and volume of form, but the ebb and flow of life. She uses steel wire attached to clock motors to create works that move one second at a time, almost imperceptibly; sometimes they drag little bags around or have teeny flags flying from them. Here, the ticking of the clock finds common ground with the human heart. Hope
Josee Bienvenu
May 26
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Forage your own park picnic
Wildman Steve Brill
  “Wildman” Steve Brill was arrested in 1986 for abetting the consumption of public greenery—he was caught eating a dandelion. He’ll show you how to forage for a park picnic, from digging up juicy roots to sampling leaves and picking mushrooms—all while entertaining. The man comes across like an anti-authoritarian scout leader with experience in the Borscht Belt. If you plan to show up without a reservation, make sure to read the tips on his site first. Prospect Park
May 28
11:45 a.m.
$12, kids $6
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May 24, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - May 24, 2007