Agenda Newsletter - June 8-10, 2007

Big stars make for a luminous ballet
The Nightingale and the Rose

New York City Ballet; New York State Theater; Opens tonight; 8 p.m.; More info
That this new work comes courtesy of the NYC Ballet’s endlessly inventive choreographer-in-
residence Christopher Wheeldon is reason enough to score tickets immediately. But here’s more: Wheeldon muse Wendy Whelan and young stars-in-the-making Tyler Angle and Sara Mearns in the leads; an original score by Bright Sheng; and a way-tragic Oscar Wilde story line involving roses, blood, and ultimate rejection. Plus: a projection of the moon with an eye that really winks, like right out of Maurice Sendak.

There’s a good reason to see this movie
Ocean’s 13
  You know the red-carpet regulars populating Steven Soderbergh’s new exercise in slick, but can you name the soundtrack composer who gave the series its swagger? Not to be obnoxious, but we can: Belfast D.J. David Holmes gave up the turntables to create the symphonic orchestral pieces driving Ocean’s 12, slinky sex jams steaming up Out of Sight, and it’s-the-future electronica in Code 46. Like what you hear tonight? Buy Come Get It I Got It, his sweet R&B mix. Warner Bros.
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E!’s Chelsea Handler self-deprecates.

Food writers ponder BBQ’s origins.      

Short, strange trip charted on film
You’re Gonna Miss Me
  American Idol fans, we love you, but consider yourself warned: Keven McAlester’s gripping documentary about Roky Erikson, lead singer of the 13th Floor Elevators, might not be your cup of joe. The film distills the tight arc of Erikson’s career—from chart-topping boy wonder to bottomed-out schizophrenic, in a matter of a few years—with a swiftness that’s like a kick to the gut. In an age of overeager aspirants, it’s as sobering as it is just plain sad. Cinema Village
Opens today
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It’s a lit-mag marathon weekend.

Get “Laid” on Brooklyn Pride Day.      

Small stage hosts barely contained passion
Hot Flamenco Nights
  There are two kinds of flamenco—the caricature we all know, with swishy skirts and Speedy Gonzalez–style “Ay!”s, and the real thing, the dance of barely contained passion you’ll find in tiny Andalusian clubs. The genuine article is what Andrea del Conte’s company offers, and the dancers will be performing it on the small, darkened stage in La Nacional, the Spanish social club in Chelsea. Watch them by candlelight, nibbling on chorizo and tortilla española, as traditional musicians play along. Andrea del Conte Danza España
Alegrias en La Nacional
Tonight through
June 22
8:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m.
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Todd Londagin fronts his seventeen-piece big band.

Loser’s Lounge finally covers Fleetwood Mac.      

Film geeks can now get dates
Rooftop Films
  Maybe you attended the outdoor screening of Dirty Dancing during the Tribeca Film Festival. If so, here’s a chance to redeem yourself. “Rooftop Films: Underground Movies Outdoors” shows a fresh slate of independent shorts and features from New York and beyond, in locations ranging from East Harlem to Williamsburg, Kip’s Bay to Bed-Stuy. Opening night kicks off with experimental shorts on a Lower East Side rooftop and concludes with an open-bar after-party at Fontana’s. Open Road Rooftop Project
Opens tonight
8 p.m.
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More experimental shorts round out Brooklyn Film Fest.

Last chance: Bring us the bust of Martha Stewart!      

Local teens prove their worth
Downtown Art Festival of Home Grown Work
  We too forget why we decided to raise a small human in the city. Here’s a reason: Only NYC teens could’ve come up with this mix of outrageously original theater, film, animation, and music. (Think one-man version of the Wizard of Oz.) Programs C, a blend of video and live theater, and A are for other teens. Program B serves the 7-and-up crowd—the six short theater pieces were inspired by fairy tales. Downtown Art Through
June 10
Various times
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Physical comedy. Hula hoops. Good times.

See The Boy With the Upside Down Smile.        

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June 8-10, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - June 8-10, 2007