Agenda Newsletter - June 13, 2007

Small show packs punch
Pop Prints

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These days prints take a backseat to paintings, sculpture, video—almost everything in art. This beautiful show, brilliantly installed by organizer Bob Monk, proves just how wrong this is. Warhols abound: There’s a portrait of Kimiko in full Japanese drag, 1964’s Race Riot, a great black-and-silver self-portrait, soup cans, and a spectacular wall of flowers—right next to Claes Oldenburg’s sexy Tea Bag and a Monet-like cathedral by Roy Lichtenstein. The show’s compact, but it’ll knock your socks off.
    Fabolous stages a return to form
From Nothin’ to Somethin’   Fabolous, shot in the thigh and arrested last October, is back to cranking out hype the old-fashioned way. His patented persona—sleepy-eyed, sneering, cool-as-fuck—oozes off this album’s trio of prerelease club hits, including the latest burner, “Make Me Betta.” But for our money, nothing touches “Brooklyn”: Over a classic boombap beat, Fab trades verses with his neighbor, Uncle Murder, and their shift supervisor, Jay-Z, who hasn’t sounded this hot since, well, he lived in Brooklyn. Fabolous
Def Jam
Buy it  »       Four men to make lots of jokes
Invite Them Up
  Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale, who once blew a fireball on stage, host this weekly (and wacky) comedy grabbag of videos, stand-up, and music. Tonight they’re joined by Nick Kroll, the flamboyant craft-service guru on MTV’s Human Giant, and Brett Gellman, who raps like a white boy ought to as one half of Cracked Out. Think Upright Citizens Brigade-quality with a better location—let’s just hope Kroll leaves his pink thong at home. Eugene Mirman, Bobby Tisdale, and guests
8 p.m.
More info  »       Ex-mayor to chew up, spit out Giuliani
Ed Koch
  The ex-mayor’s new book, Giuliani, Nasty Man, is a Koch rant we can get onboard with. So what if folks out in the boonies don’t much care what the emblem of Scary Eighties New York has to say about “America’s Mayor”? The Daily News columnist (and former New York contributor) is perfect for the role of excoriating the man many New Yorkers dread to think of as the next POTUS. And to actually witness Koch get worked up? Priceless. Barnes & Noble, 2289 Broadway
7 p.m.
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T-Shirt, DVD, and More
We want to give you lots of goodies from HBO’s new show. Enter Now!

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From the Collection of John and Kimiko Powers; International Print Center New York; Room 824; Closes June 16;    

Documentary captures the Bowery of yore
On the Bowery
  Paul Rogosin was once described by John Cassavetes as “probably the greatest documentary filmmaker of all time.” This 1957 hybrid of documentary and narrative shows the Bowery back when it was skid row, before Whole Foods, multi-million-dollar condos, and Dash Snow. Rogosin, who spent six months living with his subjects, paints a devastating portrait of alcoholics who’ve hit rock bottom. Today MoMA screens a newly restored print of this formally and politically radical film. MoMA
6 p.m.
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Enlist help to get her reading   Scholastic, the 87-year-old literary house, has come up with a brilliant way to glom on to the next generation of readers., a much-improved microversion of their main Website, helps parents of infants and toddlers to get their little ones reading—the publisher’s new line of books. But if you’re looking for something a squirmy 2-year-old might like, there’s advice from experts, not just advertising. Plus, you can join other parents in blogging about the latest kid-lit. Scholastic
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June 13, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - June 13, 2007