Agenda Newsletter - June 15, 2007

Look out, Scorsese and Malick
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

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Walter Reade Theater; Opens today; $11; Tickets
This year’s films are highly ambitious—and highly successful. The epic tracking shots capturing factories, sprawl, and man-made disasters in Manufactured Landscapes would make Scorsese blush, and The Unforeseen tells the tale of a Texas developer’s hubris with the most extraordinary photography this side of Terrence Malick. Then there’s Israeli filmmaker Shimon Dotan’s Hot House, a Sundance prize winner that burrows into the lives of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel. See how these prisons have become the de facto universities for future Fatah and Hamas leaders.

Buffy goes Rocky Horror
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  If Joss Wheedon’s new Buffy comic book isn’t enough to plug the hole left in your aching heart, there’s this sing-along screening of Buffy the TV show’s beloved musical episode. This weekend, superfans UnCool Kids will hold a Buffy-centered, Jeopardy!-style contest to warm up the crowd, lead said crowd in karaoke, and perform the entire episode live, below the screen—with props! IFC Center
Tonight and
June 16
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George Lopez, golfer—and comedian!

Chuck Palahniuk to calmly discuss Rant.      

TV get a grand finale
  CBGB-era dinosaurs just don’t come as lithe as these punk iconoclasts. And while we’ve never taken for granted that they’re still roaming the earth (or have been, on and off, for the past fifteen years or so), now’s your last chance to truly experience them: This is their final performance with original guitarist Richard Lloyd, one half of what is probably New York’s greatest guitar section ever (other half: Tom Verlaine). 34 years took them about 60 blocks uptown. SummerStage at Central Park
June 16
3 p.m.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Murray Hill.

A very special Happy Ending lineup.      

Euro reclaims color photography
Colour Before Color
  A bit of revisionist history courtesy of Martin Parr, a British Magnum Agency photographer, this show highlights Europeans who were working with fine-art color photography before American shutterbug William Eggleston’s groundbreaking 1976 show at MoMA. Some of these images have never been seen in this country: Look for Peter Mitchell’s A New Refutation of Viking 4 Space Mission, shots of his native city of Leeds taken from the imaginary perspective of visiting Martians. Martin Parr
Hasted Hunt
July 20
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Alessandra Ferri goes out on top with Manon.

Neville Brothers take you in their warm embrace.      

Authors read Ulysses for twelve hours
Bloomsday on Broadway XXVI
  Long before Jenna Jameson, there was Molly Bloom. Her orgasmic stream-of-consciousness monologue closes James Joyce’s Ulysses, and at 9 p.m. tomorrow, voiced by Fionnula Flanagan, it will close this marathon reading, a New York institution that has commemorated Leopold Bloom’s daylong walk through London for 26 years running. (We also recommend catching the American premiere of The Antient Concert, a modern opera with libretto by Paul Muldoon, at 7 p.m.) Kathleen Chalfant and Oskar Eustis will also read from one of modernism’s richest, dirtiest works. Symphony Space
12 p.m.-
12 a.m.
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Last chance: Artists against hype.

Robert Crumb, Jenny Holzer, and a world of wordy art.      

See Dora the Explorer (and fireworks)
Children’s Day and Fireworks
  Granted, the event’s always a madhouse. But Dora the Explorer will do a meet-and-greet! On the concert stage, AudraRox and local tot-rockers Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck will keep the party going until bedtime. But let the little ones stay up—you’ll all be treated to a sunset performance by the 40-piece Brooklyn Philharmonic and a pretty spectacular fireworks display. Sunday’s for tweens: New Jersey’s Jonas Brothers play. South Street Seaport
June 16
10 a.m.-
10 p.m.
June 17
6 p.m.-8 p.m.
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Plus: Shakespearean opera.

Puppets, honeybees—should we go on?        

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June 15, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - June 15, 2007