Agenda Newsletter - July 5, 2007

Herzog goes Hollywood
Rescue Dawn

Trailer; Review
Werner Herzog’s strange, protomythic war movie (based on his 1997 documentary, Little Dieter Needs to Fly) stars Christian Bale as an American fighter pilot, shot down over Cambodia in the early days of the Vietnam War. The first film shot by Herzog with millions of bucks and a simple story line, the movie is “so good it makes you wish Herzog had gone Hollywood earlier in his career,” as David Edelstein raved. Forget about the cape and the cowl: This is Bale’s best performance yet.
    50 Cent shows us the you-know-what
I Get Money   Now that he’s drawing income from ventures into clothing, books, video games, prophylactics, and flavored water, it’s a wonder Curtis Jackson still finds time for the waning margins of recorded music. But whether it proves lucrative or not, this new single from his upcoming Curtis should inspire the confidence of his shareholders. Over a hard-hitting sample-and-synthesizer combo, 50 spits punch lines, addresses haters, and generally big ups his business acumen. Corporate rap rarely pays off this well. 50 Cent
Listen  »       Guitar goddess ditches her iPod assist
Marnie Stern
  She dresses like a PR chick and goes by your Jewish grandma’s name, but Marnie Stern sounds like she spent years in solitary confinement with a Fender Jaguar—her debut album is packed with layers of lightning-fast, out-of-nowhere guitar noises and weird-pretty melodies. Live, Stern usually hangs her iPod backup off her belt loop and hammers through her set solo, but this time around she’s joined by Hella’s Zach Hill on drums and the Advantage’s Robby Moncrieff on guitar. Knitting Factory
July 8
7:30 p.m.
Tickets  »       Culture digest bursts at the seams   Bookforum has brought its erudite, hip-but-not-overly-hip voice to the Web with one of the best arts-and-ideas blogs around. (The very best? Click here.) The sheer volume of links woven into pithy, witty paragraph form is impressive. But that range and depth comes neatly packaged, too, in mini-blogs like Shelf Space (“Books, Culture & Ideas”) and Town Square (“Debate, Controversy, and Gossip”). The Hudson Review, Jamaica Gleaner, and Rose+Croix Journal—how grateful are you that the Bookforum folks are parsing these publications on your behalf? Click it  »     Band of Horses & Zach Galifianakis
at New York’s Bad Art Auction
The Carolinian indie band joins the Carolinian comedian for a live show and charity art auction at Hiro Ballroom. Portrait of Mel Gibson, anyone? Enter now!

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Lame elements excised in art-school show
Creative Growth
  Creative Growth, a Bay Area program for the mentally, physically, and developmentally disabled, has been compared to art school, “except without the self-doubt, posing, competition, and careerism.” As for success, White Columns director Matthew Higgs has actually made art stars of a few grads of the program, like Aurie Ramirez, without resorting to the whole condescending “outsider artist” thing. For this show he’s curated at Gavin Brown, he’s included some of Creative Growth’s lesser-known talents. Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
July 28
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Father and son talk storytelling
Walter Dean and
Christopher Myers
  Jabberwocky, the latest book from author-illustrator Christopher Myers, whose father Walter Dean has won multiple awards for his tough, thoughtful fiction about the African-American experience, recasts the Lewis Carroll tale on a city basketball court. Pre-order a copy now for a street-smart but sensitive youngster (the hardcover’s out September 1), then take her to hear both Myerses read and discuss their inspirations in what might be the greatest venue for a kids’ reading, MoMA’s Sculpture Garden. Story Time in the Sculpture Garden
11 a.m.
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July 5, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - July 5, 2007