Agenda Newsletter - July 8, 2007

Ask the tough questions about a highbrow chick-lit sequel
Kristin Gore

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Al’s middle daughter took some readers by surprise with her first novel, Sammy’s Hill, a quick, funny, and absorbing roman à clef about the life of a policy wonk turned chick-lit heroine. Sammy’s House, which has Samantha Joyce ensconced in the White House as a public-health policy adviser, brims with more absurd mishaps (a former-president reality show, a current president off the wagon). But maybe you really want to go for the Q&A—ask her what she thinks of rival novelist Jenna Bush.
    Romanticize New York’s dark ages again
The Bronx Is Burning   Ah, 1977. A banner year in New York history—the blackout, serial killer, frenzied mayoral race, and larger-than-life Yankees team epitomize the dark seventies era we now mythologize—it’s already been the subject of a Spike Lee movie (Son of Sam). Now there’s an ESPN miniseries based on Jonathan Mahler’s excellent book, with both Oliver Platt as George Steinbrenner and John Turturro as Billy Martin at their sweep-a-bunch-of-shit-off-the-table best. As Turturro reminisces in this week’s magazine: “You wore really tight pants, you had big hair, you’d dress like a girl, and there was sex everywhere. I liked it a lot better!” ESPN
10 p.m. Interview with John Tuturro  »
    Orchestra Seats
to Gypsy on Broadway
See Patti LuPone as Mama Rose and sing along to “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” at a free performance of the limited-run Broadway favorite. Enter now!

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Tonight; 7 p.m.; Barnes & Noble, 2289 Broadway;    

A punk band that has to be seen to be believed
  Atlanta’s ambient punk-rock thrashers Deerhunter are the perfect storm of odd. The elements: pulsating, fragmented jams, captured brilliantly on this February’s Cryptograms and spat out live with an extra punch of rage; front man Bradford Cox, a victim of Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder which causes abnormal gangliness; and an ever-present wild card (three words: onstage blow jobs). Check them out live; you can’t afford not to. Bowery Ballroom
June 11
8 p.m.
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Take Lewis Lapham’s history lessons
Lapham’s Quarterly Blog   Liberal scourge Lewis Lapham plans on launching a new print quarterly this fall with a focus on the historical antecedents of current events. In the meantime, he’s providing a deliciously edifying taste on his blog, at Each entry consists of a news article about such topics as Vladimir Putin’s ironclad rule or climate change. By clicking on an accompanying image, you’re brought to another screen with passages from the writings of such luminaries as Charles Darwin and John Steinbeck that bear in myriad ways on the contemporary event. It’s as simple as it is illuminating. Laphams

Rediscover a true noir classic
The Woman in the Window   There are so many noir DVD sets now that the term is becoming meaningless. But a new MGM series features four pure specimens, including one classic touchstone: Fritz Lang’s impeccably stylish, Production Code–censored 1944 thriller The Woman in the Window. Edward G. Robinson plays the lead—a professor who becomes obsessed with a woman in a portrait, meets her, and just happens to be with her when her boyfriend is murdered. Robinson, as the regular guy drawn into corruption, was more fearsome in other baddie roles, but he was rarely better. MGM
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July 10
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Take the drudgery out of recycling
Citysol Community
Building Project
  Who’s the recycling cop in your house? We know: It’s your kid. Here’s her chance to put garbage-sorting in the service of art. Jasmine Zimmerman (who gained notoriety last year for tagging downtown Manhattan with a weblike graffiti of elastic bands) is asking New Yorkers to help turn 80,000 plastic water bottles into a domelike greenhouse for this year’s Citysol environmental festival. Bring your disposables and build; then come back during the fest and admire the Bottlehouse. Family Day on the 15th will be a blast. Solar One
July 15
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Agenda Newsletter - July 8, 2007