Agenda Newsletter - July 11, 2007

Graphic novelists present groundbreaking new works
Kevin Pyle and Peter Kuper

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Strand Bookstore; Tonight, 7 p.m.; More info
Pyle and Kuper (pictured) have double identities—illustrators by day, for mainstream publications from Time to The New Yorker, they’ve also broken new ground in books they’ve labored over for years. Kuper’s latest is a semi-autobiographical comic that covers his desperate attempts to lose his virginity and his job penning “Spy vs. Spy” for Mad magazine. Pyle has a debut graphic novel about boys playing war games that suddenly turn serious. Neither book is kids’ stuff—they attest to the form’s maturity.

Erotica author gives tips
Dear G-Spot: Straight Talk About Sex and Love   Best-selling erotica author Zane, a.k.a. G-Spot, has helped define sexual lib for the Girls Gone Wild generation. This highly anticipated sex guide gives the kind of getting-busy advice that could earn you a role in her fiction: It’s frank, raunchy, and heavy on the attitude. The warning in the first few pages says it all: “If you … have sexual hang-ups whatsoever, please put my book down and slowly walk away from it. It is too damn hot for your ass.” Zane
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Band rightfully celebrates new album
  Interpol’s grand new disc, Our Love to Admire, came out yesterday, and we fully understand if you were planning on spending another night listening to it in your bedroom. But there may be an even better option: You could drop by the LES for the official album-release party. Drummer Sam Fogarino will spin from his collection, but we may be looking forward to his band’s new songs most of all, especially “Pioneer to the Falls.” Album-release party
Sweet and Vicious
9 p.m.
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World’s tappers gather and dance
Tap City
  It’s been more than ten years since Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk, but the tap-dance revival it spawned is still kicking (hello, Happy Feet). Hence the seventh annual Tap City festival, nothing less than an international symposium on tap as an art form. Four nights of performances showcase its past, present, and future, from old-school shuffling to down and dirty hoofin’. Look out for Estonian and Japanese dancers in the Tap Internationals program. The Duke
July 11–14
7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
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Hairspray, the Movie,
Advance Screening
See John Travolta as a woman, in a fat suit, before the rest of the world. We’re giving away fifty (50) pairs of tickets to a private July 18 screening. Enter now!    

Performance offers art-world etiquette
We All Need a Pygmalion
  What do you do when the painting doesn’t match the sofa? Should one sleep with an artist whose work one does not like? In this performance (associated with the gallery’s current show of art-world satire), Pablo Helguera introduces his Larry David–esque etiquette book, The Pablo Helguera Manual of Contemporary Art Style; he also promises “a musical performance of My Fair Lady with rewritten lyrics that reference the world of art fairs, biennials, and relational aesthetics.” Broadway finally meets Bourriaud! Pablo Helguera
Sara Meltzer Gallery
7 p.m.
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You know what to do
Harry Potter and the
Order of the Phoenix
  Far be it from us to contradict David Edelstein, but while our critic declares that this latest installment in the obsession-making cultural juggernaut “is not a family movie,” we are here to say that yes, parents, you should indulge your slightly older ones in what promises to be their movie event of the summer, “the best Harry Potter yet,” a dark flick that will rekindle our collective emotional investment in the post-puberty Potter. They’ll love it, zits and all. Warner Bros. Pictures
Opens today
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July 11, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - July 11, 2007