Agenda Newsletter - July 17, 2007

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If your heart beats in time to a double bass drum or you fantasize about becoming the fifth member of Mastodon, click here. Serving the relatively well-adjusted fans of progressive metal (as opposed to brain-eating Norwegians), this funny-not-snarky three-month-old blog boasts exclusive interviews (a recent Q&A featured Sweden’s Craft), up-to-the-minute news (someone vandalized Everytime I Die’s Wikipedia page!), and lots of random amusing stuff like a least-legible-band-logos contest, retro Metallica pics, and even hilarious LOLMetal art.
    Jack Black deploys awful accent
Nacho Libre
  The sun setting over the Hudson. Jack Black in cerulean-blue spandex speaking in a horrendous “Mexican” accent. Excellente! Black plays a downtrodden monk at a rural orphanage; to win the heart of a woman and make money for the kids, he jumps into the ring as a caped luchador. This, in other words, is a movie about Jack Black’s willingness to do anything for a laugh. And laugh you will. River Flicks for Grown-ups
Pier 54, Hudson River Park
More info  »       Opinionista explains your Celtics obsession
Chuck Klosterman
  Klosterman is the poet laureate of the barroom-pontificator set—the type of guys who find value in discussing Teen Wolf’s likely assist-to-turnover ratio—but pop-culture snobs still can’t dismiss him. In his latest book, essay compendium Chuck Klosterman IV, he roots his social commentary in disarming, staunchly opinionated exegeses on whatever. Find out how your die-hard devotion to the 1980’s Boston Celtics has implications far beyond an inexplicable attraction to Larry Bird’s wispy porn-style mustache. Bryant Park Reading Room
12:30 p.m.
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A ‘Paris Review’ Reading
  The Paris Review couldn’t have chosen a better spot for this midsummer night’s reading: right next to Central Park’s Hans Christian Andersen statue. The talent on hand isn’t bad, either: Esther Allen, who recently translated a small trove of unpublished letters by Flaubert for the Review; André Aciman and Monica Youn, both of whom have work forthcoming in the summer issue; and Mary Karr, whose alluring but still devastating poetry will be featured in the fall edition. Central Park, at 74th Street, nr. Fifth Avenue
6:30 p.m.
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Metalheads write our new favorite blog
The Deciblog

Fashion photog creates domestic space
At Home
  Fashion photographer Mario Testino, he of the mid-nineties Gucci campaign, exposes his quieter side with this curated show of art by Wolfgang Tillmans, Nicola Tyson, and others. Don’t expect the standard white-cube installation: As the title suggests, Testino has created a domestic space of sorts. He’s also commissioned a special series of work from Idris Khan, who appropriates some of Testino’s lesser-known photographs (think shots of artist studios rather than of Princess Diana). Yvon Lambert
Through August 21
Gallery closed August 1–15
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Teach a child to fish…
Macy’s Fishing Contest
  Your kid more into her Wii remote than the fishing pole? Try mentioning the word “contest.” And don’t worry if you miss today’s “kiss the fish” ceremony—the Parks commissioner doesn’t actually kiss the bass before he drops it into the lake at 11:30 a.m. Just guide your novice to one of the free fishing clinics, where she’ll learn the art of catch-and-release. The prize is a family fishing trip in Sheepshead Bay. Prospect Park Audubon Center
July 22
10 a.m.
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July 18, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - July 17, 2007