Agenda Newsletter - July 25, 2007

Murder novelist tells tales out of (Yale Law) school
Stephen L. Carter

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Carter insists that his new legal thriller, New England White, isn’t set at Yale, where he teaches law. Decide for yourself as you rip through this profound second novel from the man who’s fast becoming known as the African-American Scott Turow. A black dean becomes embroiled in politics (racial, local, and national) when an economist friend is murdered. A book about America’s little-covered African-American elite will surely leave you with lots of questions—bring them to the reading.
    Your kid might have a gift
Psychic Children   Montel Williams’s resident raspy-voiced psychic has put together a nutty noggin-scratcher of a read that explains why your kids are clairvoyant. Turns out they were living on the Other Side before they were born! Flip past the bit about Sylvia Browne’s own exceptional childhood and you’ll find B-horror-esque stories about imaginary friends that turned out to be ghosts, kids that know details about dead relatives they’ve never met, and monster nightmares interpreted as messages from spirits caught between two worlds. Revealing the Intuitive Gifts and Hidden Abilities of Boys and Girls Sylvia Browne with Lindsay Harrison
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Arcade Fire With LCD Soundsystem
  This just-announced bill threatens to be much greater than the sum of its considerable parts. Consider the bleepy synths and clattering rhythms of electrorockers LCD Soundsystem melding together with Arcade Fire’s anthems, outdoors, on an island in the East River, creating a genre mishmash of epic proportions. Both acts have made pit stops in these parts recently (read our coverage of Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem), so be quick with the mouse click; you now have two rabid fan bases to compete with. Randall’s Island
October 6
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The Devil Came on Horseback
  Those “I Am African” ads sure are annoying. (As Uzodinma Iweala pointed out, they tend to have “celebrities pictured in the foreground, forlorn Africans in the back.”) For something more substantial, check out Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern’s wake-up-call documentary about the genocide in Darfur. The duo follows Brian Steidle, a former U.S. Marine, as he attempts to communicate the extent of the human destruction through photographs. You won’t see his images in a glossy advertisements anytime soon. IFC Center
Opens today
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at the Summer Play Festival 2007
We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to Devil Land, a dark comedy about a childless couple whose kidnapping plot backfires. Enter now!

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Barnes & Noble, Union Square; 7 p.m;    

Unsung arts hero inspires retrospective
Rialto Pictures: Reviving
Classic Cinema
  One of those unsung New Yorkers who rarely gets his due, Bruce Goldstein has for more than twenty years run Film Forum’s brilliant and highly influential repertory program of rediscovered and rare films (he established little movies like Contempt as modern classics). Ten years ago, with partner Adrienne Halpern, Goldstein founded Rialto Pictures and began rescuing and restoring films himself. This week, MoMA celebrates their phenomenal string of hits, from Army of Shadows to Gojira, the history-making restoration of Godzilla. MoMA
Through August 10
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Skip Bratz: The Movie for this
Linda Linda Linda
  The parallels between the Bratz: The Movie, opening next week, and this amazing Japanese film end at the plot (four schoolgirls put together a band for a talent show). Nobuhiro Yamashita’s teen flick is angsty and fashion-free—more like My So-Called Life than 90210. Still, with original songs by former Smashing Pumpkin James Iha, it’s perfectly pitched for New York’s tween-punk crowd. Come early to hear the Japanese comic-punk band Peelander-Z before the screening. Socrates Sculpture Park 7 p.m.
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July 25, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - July 25, 2007