Agenda Newsletter - July 27-29, 2007

So much comedy it’s not even funny
Del Close Marathon

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UCB Theatre, the Hudson Guild Theatre, and FIT; Today through July 29; More info
This festival—which honors Del Close, who mentored Tina Fey and Bill Murray and died in 1999—is so packed with comedy it’s not even funny: 150 improv shows just this weekend. The highlights include Horatio Sanz Does Improv, a you-had-to-be-there exercise in ridiculousness; the self-explanatory Daily Show/Colbert Report Improv Jam (featuring Rob Riggle, above); the Upright Citizens Brigade reprising their Comedy Central antics (Amy Poehler!); Jack McBrayer, Kenny from 30 Rock, with Human Giant’s Paul Scheer; and Respecto Montalban, reuniting for the fest.

Release your inner Comic Book Guy
The Simpsons Movie
  Here’s why we’re going to see The Simpsons Movie, despite the lack of early screenings for critics (never a great sign): The show’s been making us laugh for nineteen years. Sure, we laugh a little more during some episodes, a little less during others. But the jokes keep coming: highbrow, lowbrow, and slapstick unibrow, from Thomas Pynchon cameos to the ten-millionth D’ohh! Purists will always complain—but there’s never been anything pure about The Simpsons. Opens today
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Yeeeeeeah… Young Jeezy ticket alert.

Reclaim Back to the Future.      

Video fest keeps pushing forward
  This annual video-as-opposed-to-film festival faces a tougher challenge every year: How do you forecast the future of visual culture when the videocentric future is in fact now? This time out, the Film Society will showcase seven slates of groundbreaking digital shorts and music videos, but the fest’s biggest gamble is a live multimedia performance happening tonight: Three techno duos (including Bobby Previte and Benton C, Dority Chrysler and c.h.i.a.m.i.) will mix live video and sound onstage. Walter Reade Theater
July 27 to
July 29
Live event tonight at
6:30 p.m.
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TV on the Radio free, unlike cable.

Bloggers compete to make you laugh (with them).      

See what Massachusetts is missing
  The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art is showing a large-scale, unfinished project of Christoph Büchel’s covered with plastic tarps; credit our city’s cultural privilege for the opportunity to see his completed Voting Booth (2007), an actual U.S. booth purchased online and paired with Broward County chads, here at the Project. The rest of the show is worth a close look, too, from the colorful photograms by the ubiquitous Walead Beshty to Shana Lutzker’s appropriation of the L.A. Times broadsheet. The Project
Through August 11
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Last chance: iPhone-worthy design.

Trebien Pollard fuses dance, poetry, visuals, kitchen sink.      

Commit to Suicide already
  New York City in 1977 was marked by the blackout, Summer of Sam, and debuts from the Ramones, Talking Heads, Television, and Suicide. The latter’s cold reception at CBGB showed that summer just wasn’t the right moment for the synth-pop and performance-art duo’s shocking and strangely soothing mix of crackling noise and fatalistic poses. Thirty years on, though, Alan Vega, Martin Rev, and their drum machine will cast a triumphant cloud over none other than the South Street Seaport. With the Death Set
South Street Seaport
7 p.m.
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CityParks Fest picks up the rhythm with RumbaTap.

Vocalist Ann Hampton Calloway finally comes to town.      

Begin building a starchitect
Countdown to Downtown:
New Museum Family Day
  Inspired by the construction of their new home on the Bowery, the New Museum is sponsoring this architecture-themed event down the street. Kids will design and construct their own cardboard-box buildings (where they can stow their own collections of whatever) and contribute to collaborative murals headed up by Ernest Concepcion, who’s into video games and Sharpies, and Ahmed Faheem, who covers walls with immense raw images. July 28
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Gardening author eases growing pains.

Bury the competition: C.I. sand-sculpting contest.        

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July 27-29, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - July 27-29, 2007