Agenda Newsletter - July 31, 2007

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Grasp the filmmaker’s genius
Early Bergman
The Criterion Collection; $69.95; Buy it
Needless to say, the world lost one of its most exquisitely despairing directors when Ingmar Bergman passed away yesterday. Those unacquainted with his work would do well to pick up this five-disc monument to his genius. We especially love the resonantly titled Port of Call, in which a tortured young woman named Berit, stuck in a claustrophobic relationship with her mother, falls in love with the laconic sailor Gösta. His crippling sense of doubt—and steadfast affection—defines “Bergmanesque.”

Preview a brilliant rap collabo
Bad Side   Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana have been threatening to release a collaboration called I Can’t Feel My Face for awhile now, but with the insanely prolific Wayne now on an 8 p.m.–to–8 a.m., Hi-C-and-cough-syrup-fueled recording schedule, it might actually happen. “Bad Side,” rumored as the disc’s first track, has jacked our anticipation—not just because Weezy raps masterfully as ever, but also ‘cause Juelz keeps up: “Don’t be playing with me I advise / I make ‘em Chinese food, another cat fried.” Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana
Listen  »      

Animator compiles short works
Dave McKean’s Keanoshow   McKean’s goth covers for Neal Gaiman’s The Sandman books made his rep in comic-book circles; he’s worked on everything from Tori Amos CD booklets to visual design on the Harry Potter films. Still, his dark imagination’s probably best suited to animation: His directorial debut, Mirrormask, showcased his stunning talent—and so does his new DVD, Keanoshow. The set captures 27 shorts, photography and illustration portfolios, and tons of extras. So, no, you needn’t buy that Tori album. New Video
On sale today
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Pay respects to the man who killed the corset
Poiret: King of Fashion
  The highlight of the Costume Institute’s year (and possibly ours) is its signature summer exhibition. This season celebrates the revolutionary Belle Epoque designer Paul Poiret, self-proclaimed “King of Fashion.” Those who doubt his claim to royalty should see his breathtaking, Asian- and Art Deco–inspired evening gowns and opera coats. Others will happily pay their respects to the man who liberated the female form from the corset, pioneered flesh-colored stockings, and retooled the modern bra. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Closes
August 5
Poiret video »
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Twist at the Midtown International Theatre Festival
Dickens meets S&M in this musical retelling of Oliver Twist, starring a male dominatrix as Fagin. We’ve got two tickets to give away to this kinky little production. Enter now!    

Cello prodigy meets composer extraordinaire
  Alisa Weilerstein may only be 25, but she’s hardly your typical string-plucking prodigy. The Columbia-educated cellist—no violin-toting pip-squeak for once!—is known for her virtuosity and passion on that most sensual of instruments, and she’s already passed the ultimate New York test, the Philharmonic debut. Now she takes on a new solo work by Osvaldo Golijov, the Jewish-Argentine composer who got city audiences talking last year with his spectacular opera Ainadamar. Their combined star power promises great things. Mostly Mozart Festival
Avery Fisher Hall
Tonight and August 1
8 p.m.
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Storyteller gives folklore weight
Haitian Stories & Songs
  Regina Ress doesn’t do soft. Her fierce, whole-body approach to storytelling lends itself to the tougher stuff of folklore—love, folly, treachery, and blood. Tomorrow morning she’ll tell a Haitian tale with a crazy plotline, “Bouki Dances the Kokioko,” in which the bumbling Bouki wins a dance contest and his nemesis, Malice, makes off with the cash prize. Regina Ress
Washington Square Park
August 1
10:30 a.m.
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July 31, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - July 31, 2007