Agenda Newsletter - August 15, 2007

Bad boys make glorious mess

See it; Dash Snow profile
Loyal readers of the magazine will remember Dash Snow and Dan Colen’s infamous “Hamster Nest,” a Dada-esque mass of shredded telephone books “installed” in hotel rooms worldwide. Ever the innovative patron, Jeffrey Deitch has turned his gallery over to the two art-world misfits, allowing them (and some 300 friends) free reign to tear up 2,000 NYC phone books. Wasteful, you say? When was the last time you put a Yellow Pages to good use? (Cocaine binge not included.)
    Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie meet puppets
Labyrinth   Not that we know anything about it, but grup nostalgia is reason enough to pick up this 1986 creature-feature fantasy, populated by Jim Henson’s creepiest puppets. But David Bowie as the goblin king? And Jennifer Connelly as the babysitter who faces him down? This is kitsch of the highest, holiest order. We demand a remake—with the same two stars. Anniversary Edition DVD
Sony Pictures
Buy it  »     Lee “Scratch” Perry / Dub Is a Weapon
Aboard The Temptress
Win tickets to see reggae’s godfather and the buzzy dub act while sailing the Hudson River. Enter Now!

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Dash Snow and Dan Colen; Deitch Gallery; Closes August 18;    

Celebrate M’s birthday the right way
  Madge is turning 49! Pay homage with this annual freakfest of gay, topless, country, folk, and reggae send-ups (plus a few spot-on renditions) of old-school M. We’re most eager to see barely clad queens the Dazzle Dancers and evangelical chanteuse Tammy Faye Starlight strike their poses backed by the live band, the Material Boys. Between acts, a D.J. will spin … Madonna! Show up in the perfect crucifix, fishnets, and beauty mark, and you might even earn a chance to vogue onstage. B.B. Kings
8 p.m.
Tickets  »      

Quit with the wink-winking
Bill Maher
  Our eyelids grow weary of wink-winking with Stephen Colbert. No-nonsense Real Time host Maher’s stand-up act is refreshingly straight, a solid hour of macho liberal ranting about the Iraq quagmire and the health-care system, interspersed with trademark banter about chicks and zingy one-liners like “Pump me like a piston on an old iron train.” Witnessed live, the guy’s even more likely to convince you that his opinion matters. Get tickets now. November 10
Beacon Theatre
On sale August 15,
9 a.m.
Tickets  »      

Choreographer freshens composer
Mozart Dances
  Choreographer Mark Morris is known for a few things: devotion to his music, a witty and cheeky eye, and an enviable ability to integrate ballet’s graces into the freer forms of modern. Mozart might seem the stodgiest of composers, but in Morris’s hands (and those of the ever-graceful pianist Emanuel Ax), his music gains new life, and a good bit of fun as well, as dancers spin in and out of the delicately unfolding strains. Mark Morris Dance Group
Mostly Mozart Festival
Lincoln Center
August 15–18
8 p.m.
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Come watch Wonder Woman
Myles the Hypoallergenic Superhero and His Superhero Friends
  After ten years, the New York International Fringe Festival has established itself as August’s hit-or-miss tradition, and FringeJR, the portion of the fest for 5- to 12-year-olds, is no exception. We recommend that you check out this puppet-theater production, which has been playing in Edmonton, Canada, to good reviews: It stars physical-theater artist Annie Dugan in multiple roles—including none other than Wonder Woman, opposite a bubble-boy puppet! FringeJr
Orange Bus Productions
Cherry Lane Theater
August 15–18
Various times
$15, kids $10
Tickets  »        

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August 15, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - August 15, 2007