Agenda Newsletter - August 24-26, 2007

Gen Y’s Rolling Stones to play New York!
Fall Out Boy

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Madison Square Garden; November 14; 7 p.m.; $39.75; Tickets
We’re not sure how to put this, but Fall Out Boy is the greatest band of all time. Well, maybe they’re not better than Creedence. But they have put out the year’s best rock album, written songs genuinely reflecting their stated love of Michael Jackson (check out the beat in “The Take Over, the Break’s Over”), and triumphed over the exposure of their bassist’s wang on the Internet. And they’re playing Madison Square Garden on November 14. Buy tickets when they go on sale Saturday at ten.

Billy Crudup makes a great asshole
  We feared Justin Theroux’s directorial debut about a curmudgeonly children’s-book author (Billy Crudup) falling reluctantly in love with his beautiful illustrator (Mandy Moore) would come off like a grown-up Garden State; we’re happy to report that it’s more of a young As Good As It Gets. Moore is predictably wooden, but Crudup’s turn as an eccentric asshole is a 360 from his charm-your-pants-off Russell Hammond in Almost Famous—and, dare we say, nearly as good. The Weinstein Company
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The Virgin Suicides, extra spooky at midnight.

Sanjaya live!      

Slightly creepy locals play intimate show
White Rabbits
  When we heard that these six Bushwick-based lads share a bedroom, one of our eyebrows shot up. But we believe their creepy closeness drives their effervescent, family-band-style retro-rock and explains the pure joy of their live shows. We’re pushing this low-key performance instead of their upcoming slot opening for the Kaiser Chiefs because we think you should experience their standout song “The Plot,” and their love for each other, up close and personal. Soundfix
10 p.m.
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Ponder God, man, math with Pi screening.

The Fiery Furnaces take Queens.      

B-movie pioneer speaks, screens
Larry Cohen
  If you’re like us, you’re super curious about the making of Black Caesar and The Stuff, and the writing process behind Maniac Cop and It’s Alive (and you’re a geek). Sunday, seventies B-movie pioneer Cohen will discuss the “American Film in Nixon Years” and screen his provocative debut, Bone, in which an African-American home invader breaks into a white Beverly Hills couple’s mansion and finds out how annoying they really are. Museum of the Moving Image
August 26
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Attn. cool cats: Charlie Parker Jazz Fest.

Find out what Nollywood is, outdoors.      

Godard cleverly re-created
Our Second Date   Ever wonder what a scene from the Jean-Luc Godard film Week End re-created in three dimensions with toys would look like? Well, check out this photo anyway. The meticulously crafted miniature, on display in MoMA’s small but excellent exhibition “Automatic Update” rotates at a snail’s pace before a system of snakelike cameras; though it’s far from realistic, the projected image is pretty freaking cool, especially since you get to puzzle out its ongoing creation. Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
Through September 10 See it  »
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Site-specific dance comes to the U.S. Custom House.

Closing: Free art-house-film series.      

Everybody dance now!
Downtown Dance Festival
  Construction workers, tourists, parents and kids, bike messengers, dance aficionados—the whole city, basically—stops by this annual fest because it’s easy, fast-moving, and eclectic. Saturday, Battery Dance Company pokes fun at the student-teacher relationship with a comic piece by artists who’ve worked in the schools. Sunday’s focus is Indian dance, with live drumming. Both weekend programs end with a 30-minute teaching session, in which kids can learn some steps onstage. Battery Dance Company
Battery Park
August 25 and 26
1 p.m.
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Make giant Tinkertoy sculptures.

Take a cruise with a conscience.        

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August 24-26, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - August 24-26, 2007