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Talented newcomer noirs up Chi-town
The Chicago Way
Michael Harvey; Knopf; $23.95; Buy it
L.A. has Chandler, Detroit has Elmore Leonard, and New York’s got everyone else. With this debut novel, Michael Harvey has painted Chicago in the shadowy grays of great noir. The co-creator of TV’s Cold Case Files hinges his twisty crime thriller on a rape case left to a private eye and a murder probably intended to cover it up. Along the way, we get the hard wind off the lake, the rattle of the El, and the menace of the city’s dark alleys.

Edelstein’s totally buying this
Blades of Glory   From David Edelstein’s original review: “I’m looking forward to buying Blades of Glory on DVD so I can get my head around the phenomenal skating routines. Obviously, there were wires and lifts and computer-generated effects, but for my money it looked like the lumbering Ferrell and nerdy Heder were Olympic-worthy stylists. The triple lutzes make the heart leap. The climactic ice dance—to Queen’s immortal theme from Flash Gordon—might be the apotheosis of man-boy love. Platonic, of course.” Paramount Home Video
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Get your eardrums blown
By the End of Tonight
  These Texas boys will bend your frontal cortex with fancy guitar spazzes, then torch your left brain with heartbreaking tidal waves of melody. Their debut from a few years back, A Tribute to Tigers, left our right side paralyzed. With their drummer out of the band after this tour, full-body paralysis couldn’t stop us from seeing this instrumental lineup rip through new tunes off their forthcoming album, due out in November. Cake Shop
7 p.m.
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Hear an author on her tragic mother
Mary Gordon
  Gordon spent years clipping her mother’s rotting nails, rescuing her from drunken falls, and enduring wordless visits as her mother sat “with her head in her hands in a stupor” (a marked contrast from the proud woman Gordon had known while growing up in Brooklyn). Tonight she presents her new memoir, Circling My Mother; after reading her remarkable recent conversation with A.M. Homes, we’re eager to hear from Gordon in person. Barnes & Noble
1972 Broadway
7 p.m.
Talk with A.M.
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Recall the good old days
Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic   Didn’t love the Whitney’s “Summer of Love” show? French photographer Alain Dister spent the better part of the sixties taking in Stateside sex, drugs, and rock and roll. His Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, which you can see here, recalls a quainter time when visits to the clinic were carefree and also, apparently, aesthetically pleasing; it’s on display at his aptly named “Elegy for the Summer of Love” show. Alain Dister
Envoy Gallery
Closes September 1
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Take them to an odd universe
The Real World
  This odd little universe a block from Battery Park City’s playground isn’t exactly a secret, but even locals tend to forget it’s there. It’s a fascinating place for kids: Part sculpture park, part picnic garden, Tom Otterness’s teeming world of bulbous little capitalists, prols, and bohemians is all about money—children call it “Penny Park” and climb all over it. The first one to find the guy hanging off the lamppost should win an ice cream. Tom Otterness Nelson Rockefeller Park
Open 24 hours
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August 27, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - August 27, 2007