Agenda Newsletter - August 31, 2007

Hey, Edelstein loves it

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This being the Labor Day–weekend edition of Agenda, we’re gonna kick back and activate the critic-o-matic. Here’s a randomly selected quote from David Edelstein’s review of this exceptional Johnnie To crime flick: “Unlike the jittery, handheld documentary look of new-style American thrillers, Exiled recalls the smooth, gliding, arcing camera of Sergio Leone, the antagonists facing one another impassively in sunglasses and long coats while the camera confidently takes the measure of the space.” Sounds terrific, right? Thanks, David!

If you must go online, go here
Straight Cash Homey   With one shot of a head-scratchingly random sports jersey per day, this photo blog’s proprietors have hit the ground running in their first month, digging up tops honoring Ryan Leaf, Manute Bol, and even Vin Baker (“this picture is like the Mona Lisa”). Our favorite? Someone wearing Jeff Hostetler’s Raiders jersey spotted outside a fast-food joint: “The sad thing is, the guy taking his order is actually Jeff Hostetler.” It’s Labor Day weekend–you haven’t got anything better to look at online! Read it   More weekend picks

Halloween remake, just in time for Labor Day!

Big Top Pee Wee plays in Coney Island.    

Tina Brown’s
The Diana Chronicles
We’re giving away ten copies of Brown’s best-selling tell-all about Princess Di. Enter now!    

Hear a perfect pairing
Battles and Deerhunter
  Battles (not to be confused with the Battles) are stopping off here during a break from their British tour supporting Mirrored, a remarkable album that jumbles together rock, electronica, and free jazz. Their musical breadth finds its match in the emotional depth of the weird and wonderful openers Deerhunter (not to be confused with the Deer Hunter). Let them work it this Labor Day weekend! Battles and Deerhunter
South Street Seaport
7 p.m.
More info   More weekend picks

Sebadoh, alive and probably unwell.

We refuse to call it “mumblecore.” Oops.      

Scholars give incendiary take on Israel
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy   Based on an article, published last year in The London Review of Books, that provoked literally months of commentary in the “Letters” section, this tome is a tough-minded take on what the authors see as the pernicious force of pro-Israel lobbyists in the U.S. and the dangers of conflating our foreign-policy interests with Israel’s. Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, their ideas are worthy of serious discussion. Order the book now, and finish that beach read over this Labor Day weekend! John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Buy it   More weekend picks

Opening: History, myth, rituals of the Caribbean.

Korean Film Fest best for noir and horror.      

Rare Fassbinder must be seen now
Bremen Freedom
  Arguably the most important postwar German director, Rainer Werner Fassbinder directed an astonishing 42 films in sixteen years. Many of his seminal works are screened or available on DVD, but this rare showing is an obsessive’s dream. Adapted from his own play, it’s the tragic story of a woman who takes extreme measures disentangling herself from her oppressive family. It’s perfect viewing for a Labor Day weekend free of your oppressive job! Anthology Film Archives
September 2
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These contemporary landscapes will soon be past.

Don Byron and Eldar’s jazz bends genres.      

Mini masqueraders strut their stuff
Children’s West Indian
Day Parade
  There’s no fun in steering a stroller through West Indian Carnival crush, so skip that for this junior version, a low-key community event featuring dozens of kids who spent the summer perfecting their carnival skills. Organized in traditional bands, each with its own whimsical theme, the parade winds through Brooklyn, finally streaming into the museum’s grounds around 1 p.m. for a stage show with colorful costumes and steel pan playing. You needn’t stress on Labor Day weekend for the kids’ sake! Brooklyn Museum grounds
September 1
1 p.m.
Stage show $2, children free
More info   More weekend picks

Lessons on trucks! Tankers! Diggers!

Never Too Early Dept.: Baby’s first ball game.        

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Agenda Newsletter - August 31, 2007