Agenda Newsletter - September 26, 2007

Nashville great shows NYC love
Steve Earle

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Town Hall; 8:30 p.m.; $25–$35; Interview; Tickets
Agenda is a kind of love letter–or more accurately, flirty e-mail–to New York City and its creative abundance. So it’s a heady kind of synergy we feel talking up Steve Earle: The country star recently moved to the city from Nashville, and his new environs inspired a flat-out terrific album, Washington Square Serenade, which in turn has led to this can’t-miss hometown show, a perfect storm of local pride and Tennessee flavor. Buy tickets now: This might–should!–sell out.

Grey’s Anatomy made pretty
Private Practice   This quirky Grey’s Anatomy spinoff drama about a Santa Monica wellness center can’t fail to entertain. Just look at (or contemplate looking at) its eye-candy parade of a cast: There’s drool-worthy Taye Diggs, Stepford-esque beauty KaDee Strickland, and our beloved Tim Daly, who despite a raft of critically acclaimed attempts has yet to make a real post-Wings comeback. We’re rooting for you, Tim. (And while we’re addressing you: You’re cute.) ABC
9 p.m.

Good band makes their best album
Reunion Tour   The lovely new Weakerthans album came out yesterday, but we’re guessing that the band won’t hold this belated endorsement against us. Although it lifts off with a flawless indie-pop opener and sounds somehow lively even at its most melancholy, the disc is all about the art of settling in and telling a good, unhurried story. We like it in the background at work, on the headphones during our commute–drifting in and out, or giving it our utmost attention. The Weakerthans
Buy it      

Photos get past the textbook
This Is War! Robert Capa at Work
  Robert Capa’s stunning, shutterbug-on-the-wall wartime images have long been the stuff of photography textbooks: the crumpling body of a lone Spanish loyalist gunman in Falling Soldier, Life cover photo of a 15-year-old Chinese fighter, and images of helmeted American GIs trudging onto Normandy beaches. Presented here with never-before-published prints that didn’t make it past censors, original caption sheets and Capa’s handwritten observations, the exhibition is sure to be as if they’ve leaped off the pages and grabbed you by the shoulders. International Center of Photography
Opens today
More info      

Photog exposes socialites
American Summer
  Raindrops on cleavage and whiskers on millionaires; bright shiny diamonds and lip gloss on collagen; brown gloves and gold dresses, lobster bisque and satin; these are a few of photographer Jessica Craig-Martin’s favorite things. This phenom has an eye for opulence, pretense, overkill, and bad taste. She haunts cancer benefits and other charity functions, striking when she sees just the right combo of capriciousness and complacency. Craig-Martin is an inside woman with an outsider’s eye. Jessica
Greenberg Van Doren Gallery
Through October 6
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Illustrator talks brown bears
Eric Carle
  Even before he bored a hole through a stack of paper to create The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Carle illustrated Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by his friend, the late Bill Martin. Forty years later, Carle’s making a rare appearance to introduce their follow-up. When you take your child to hear the 78-year-old nature enthusiast read Baby Bear, Baby Bear, ask about his boyhood encounters with wildlife–did he ever see a you-know-what? Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Center
September 27
11 a.m.
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September 26, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - September 26, 2007