Agenda Newsletter - October 3, 2007

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See how the other half entertains
Dirty Sexy Money
ABC; Wednesdays; 10 p.m. Review
Rather than sum up last week’s premiere, we’re just gonna turn to John Leonard, who, in endorsing this show’s eat-the-richness, nearly had us turning over police cruisers: “Recently, television has been too kind to the Resting Classes, as if Burbank felt that trashing the rich might give aid and comfort to Al Qaeda, as if American culture from the beginning hasn’t been biased in favor of deer slayers, river pirates, Calamity Jane, and the Lone Ranger against J.P. Morgan, Citizen Kane, the severed ear of a Getty, and the overexposure of a Donald.” (P.S.: Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland!)

End of TV as we know it returns
The Sarah Silverman Program   John Leonard argues that Dirty Sexy Money has redeeming sociocultural value (see above), but even with his rhetorical skills, we doubt he could convince anyone that the fascinating, so-deadpan-it-has-descended-into-hell Sarah Silverman Program serves the world in the least. It is the sitcom annihilated: Every character is loathsome, every episode’s moral backward. And for whatever reason, it is really, really funny. Season-two premiere
Comedy Central
10:30 p.m.

Watch this DVD even if you’re not stoned
Metalocalypse   We love us some metal—almost as much as we love us jokes about metal bands. Thus, we were powerless to resist Dethklok, the supremely violent animated death-metal act starring in this typically nutty Adult Swim series. The first season meanders from inadvertent fan murders at live shows to band therapy sessions, and features a theme song that’ll have you trolling the Net for tabs. The best part: You can breeze through these eleven-minute gems in way less time than it takes to watch Spinal Tap. Season one
Adult Swim
Turner Home Entertainment
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Uncover a treasure trove
Painted With Words: Vincent Van Gogh’s Letters to Émile Bernard
  Van Gogh’s letters to his contemporary Émile Bernard are notable not only for their intensity and vision and all that, but also for the brilliant and whimsical illustrations—of peasants, the countryside, and lovers out for a stroll—many of them include. One can only imagine the delight and hope they brought Bernard as he opened these missives. This exhibition—and its beautifully produced accompanying catalog (Rizzoli; $50)—even had us contemplating writing real letters of our own. The Morgan Library & Museum
Through January 6
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Artist makes art with art
Peter Schuyff
  In this show, Schuyff continues his give-and-take with history, placing strange geometric patterns, surreal biomorphic shapes, and other cartoony configurations over older art and drawings by other artists. He delves into the past and the future, good and bad taste, effrontery and admiration all at the same time—and since he has a great touch, sense of humor, and talent with color, he makes these little things go a long way. Nicole Klagsbrun
Through October 13
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Hear why she’s like a vampire
Adele Griffin
  Raising a goth in the making (like it or not)? Take her to hear Griffin’s latest coming-up-odd book, Vampire Island, about a family of vampire preteens living in New York City. The quirky characters—Maddy, Lexington, and Hudson—have lightning-fast bat reflexes and use embarrassing vocab from the wrong century (to wit: “o’ happy day”), but the lessons, of course, are about fitting in while still being your vegan, global-warming-protesting self. Barnes & Noble, 267 Seventh Ave.
Park Slope, Brooklyn
3:30 p.m.
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October 3, 2007

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Agenda Newsletter - October 3, 2007