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Ask New York - Clothing Archive

June 7, 2004
Where Can I Get My Linen Jacket Dyed?

I love the cut of my old linen jacket, but I’m tired of the color. Is there anywhere I can get it dyed for spring?

May 31, 2004
Where Can I Get My Undergarments Mended?

Too many of my hand-wash-only, ultra-delicate undergarments have been ravaged by the washing machine—or an overzealous date—lately. Is there anywhere I can have them mended?

February 16, 2004
Where Can I Find Retro (But Not Vintage) Pants?

I’m looking for the perfect retro sixties pants, but I’m not really into thrift stores. Any affordable suggestions?

October 20, 2003
Who Can Personalize My Jeans?

I like those monogrammed jeans Madonna wears in the Gap’s ad campaign—who can stitch my initials on my back pocket?

August 18, 2003
In Search of Vintage Tees

Where can I find a selection of vintage T-shirts—the kind with ironic iron-ons?

July 28, 2003
Cashmere Got Holes?

Where can I find someone to repair moth holes in cashmere sweaters?

June 30, 2003
Are My Dungarees Doomed?

I tore off a button that was riveted to my favorite jeans, and my local tailor and cobbler don't have the machinery to fix them. Are my dungarees doomed?