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Sales & Bargains - Deal of the Week Archive

November 24, 2003
All Heel!

Want to reach teetering Manolo Blahnik heights without handing over a month’s rent? Head to Beverly Feldman.

November 17, 2003
Built to Spill

Cleaning up after a big party reveals the havoc that beer cans and wineglasses can wreak on your furniture—and while using your parents’ old Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits CD set for coasters may seem like a good idea, it’s surely not going to win you points in the décor department.

November 10, 2003
Eye Scream

Of course those Prada eyeglasses will make you look smarter and sexier—they were designed to. And at that price, how could they not? The trick is to find frames that transform your face but not your wallet.

November 3, 2003
Tray Jolie

Lunch in midtown calls for a daily decision: fast food or fine dining? Good luck finding anything in between that doesn’t involve a “gourmet” salad bar and a leaky plastic container. May we suggest instead that you decamp, tout de suite, to D’Artagnan?

October 27, 2003
Steeling Beauty

The notion of forking over hundreds of dollars for a couple of towel bars sends us straight to the showers. But there’s no better way to polish up a bathroom than fresh chrome (or nickel, or stainless steel).

October 20, 2003
Soft Launch

When the first touch of fall feels like the slap of winter, thoughts turn to pots of Earl Grey and snuggly four-ply cashmere. But if shelling out half a month’s rent isn’t your cup of tea, try this festive scarf ($19.99), glove ($16.99), and hat ($14.99).

October 13, 2003
Cubic Feat

Remember when ottomans were as frumpy as footstools? No more: The surge in minimalist, boutique-hotel style for the home has made them indispensable. These faux-leather and -suede footrests are as stylish as they are affordable (similar pieces at Soho boutiques cost upwards of $200).

October 6, 2003
Wacky Sack

Sometimes that dressy leather bag—no matter how sleek—is just too formal, too bulky, too much. Hence the appeal of these cheeky, mod vinyl totes in supersaturated colors by Loop

September 29, 2003
Crystal Light

Well, it might not fly with the Town & Country set, and the crystals aren’t exactly Lalique. But Urban Outfitters’ two-foot-high gen-yoo-wine plastic chandelier may be the glammiest, tinkliest, sparkliest dorm-room fixture in town.

September 22, 2003
In the Pink

Your fall-wardrobe checklist probably already contains the essentials: the barely-there mini, the go-to sweaters and turtlenecks in basic black-and-white (to wear with said mini, of course), and the eye-popping opaque tights in just about every color. For the finishing touch, we found the perfect shoe: Steve Madden’s ultra-sexy Striking pumps.