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Look Book Archive

November 10, 2014
Hari Nef

“I think connections you make at school are probably stronger than the ones you make in a club.”

November 10, 2014
Ashley Smith

“I try not to spend too much time getting ready...”

November 10, 2014
John Tuite

“Designers send us clothes in the mail.”

February 24, 2014
Albert Hicks IV, Student

“Right now I’m really into World War II clothes.”

February 17, 2014
Angel Ramirez, Student

“I scan the racks really fast, and whatever jumps out at me, it’s mine.”

February 10, 2014
Erika Mady, Student

“My parents are big collectors. I grew up with a Looney Tunes kitchen and our laundry room was entirely covered in Kiss memorabilia.”

February 3, 2014
Jennifer Lee, Business Analyst

“I knew it would be freezing here, so I just packed up my ski suit—it’s the warmest thing I own.”

January 20, 2014
Arden Wohl, Designer

“I miss New York so much when I leave. Every time I come back, I kiss the ground I’m so happy.”

January 6, 2014
Liz Nielsen, Artist

“When people first meet me, they’ll say, ‘You look like Andy Warhol; you must be an artist.’”

December 23, 2013
Will Noguchi, Stylist

“I’ve definitely reached that point where my old going-out look has become my day look.”