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Look Book Archive

August 20, 2012
John Cullen, Lawyer

“My son always tells me pleats are out, but I like them.”

August 6, 2012
Amanda Aldinger, Editor at M.A.C Cosmetics

“Men don’t give a shit here—they know they’ll get what they want.”

July 30, 2012
Les Robinson, Men’s Clothing Salesman and Student

“I study American history. That’s what I’m passionate about.”

July 16, 2012
Anja Ploetz, Photographers’ Agent

“I love saris. I’m just so into it.”

July 9, 2012
James Braddock, Executive Producer

“All my trousers are pretty crazy, but these are definitely the wildest.”

June 11, 2012
Omega Sirius Moon, Musician-Artist

“On a songwriting level—man, people will hate me for saying this—I compare myself to Fiona Apple. She doesn’t dumb down.”

June 4, 2012
Clara Zinovoy, Retiree

“Your figure changes, so at this age you more have fun shopping for the grandchildren.”

May 28, 2012
Dr. Lila Wolfe, Chiropractor

“I think in life you kind of attract what you are, so I have a pretty amazing practice full of awesome people.”

May 21, 2012
Kelly Rutherford, Actress, and Helena

“She has her dad’s blue eyes, but yeah, we look alike, which is fun.”

May 14, 2012
Robert Levithan, Psychotherapist and Writer

“Our culture has the idea that people have a shelf life. You can be in your sixties and have a lot of fun.”