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November 4, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

The Money Pit

Living in New York City is a unique financial challenge. And when it comes to money, New Yorkers tend to face the same financial hurdles as they get older. One minute, you're struggling to pay for a Sex and the City social life on an assistant's salary. The next, you're worrying about the cost of private school or a weekend place or -- gulp -- a divorce lawyer. (And, of course, who doesn't feel guilty about taxicabs?) Herewith, some of the predictable crises in the financial lives of New Yorkers -- and how your neighbors are weathering them.


The Elements of Style

In her 50 years in fashion, Diana Vreeland preached reinvention relentlessly -- and practiced it, too. A Jazz Age wife and mother, she dictated what women wore (and wanted) during 26 years at Harper's Bazaar, changed the face of high fashion as editor-in-chief of Vogue, hit the scene as a Warhol-era woman-about-town, and, in her last incarnation, became a New York institution at the Met's Costume Institute. An excerpt from a new biography that proves her life was as stylish as her work.

Operation: Smallpox

In the war against terrorism, New York's hospitals are a key line of defense. Since September 11, they have been planning intensively for the next crisis. When a Nigerian man walked into Beth Israel hospital in Brooklyn with a rash on his face that looked uncomfortably like smallpox, it was a sort of dry run for the real thing, demonstrating how much work there is to do. A progress report on planning for the worst at the city's hospitals.



Garry Shandling, Mira Sorvino, The Osbournes, Connie Chung, Missy Elliot, and more . . .


Cantor Fizzle

Howard Lutnick's 9/11 book was going to be this fall's blockbuster. Now it's coming out in January -- without his name on it.

Hot Plate: AIX

Hot Plate spotlights AIX, on the Upper West Side

Eggers's Slow Velocity

He may be a literary rock star, but Dave Eggers is no Eminem. Check out sales of his new book at indie New York bookstores.

Name to a Face

After Matias Reyes's confession in the Central Park jogger case, one of his earlier victims finally discovers who attacked her.

Timely Deal

Gotham Real Estate / Deal of the Week: a one-bedroom loft on Barrow Street

Blecch or Treat?

We asked foodies: What's the grossest -- um, most adventurous -- thing you've ever eaten?


This Media Life

Take it from me: When media people fail, they become media columnists. And now Tina Brown apparently is taking it from me.

The City Politic

If Carl McCall loses, get ready for the blame game -- in fact, it's already started


Why studio heavyweights Scott Rudin and Harvey Weinstein can't live with -- or without -- each other

Best Bets

Leather stacking trays; festive gift wraps for wine; a duct-tape wallet

Sales & Bargains

Cozy shearling hats, bags, and scarves



The Truth About Charlie is too much a director's holiday to be satisfying (and Mark Wahlberg is no Cary Grant)


Twyla Tharp misses with Movin' Out; Michel Legrand delivers a fun -- if flat -- French opera


David Rockefeller's Memoirs mixes money, morality, modesty, vanity, and grandeur


Two underappreciated artists, Théodore Chassériau and Adolph Gottlieb, finally get their due

Classical Music

Steve Reich's sonically enhanced but disappointingly tepid Three Tales at BAM

John Leonard's TV Notes

John Leonard reviews Galileo's Battle for the Heavens, 24, Woodie's World, The Topdog Diaries, Carrie, and The Pact


Scott Conant's L'Impero: Terrific Tuscan in Tudor City

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