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December 2, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

Power Preschools

On the Upper East Side, preschool isn't just the place for 3- and 4-year-olds to begin their education. It's the seat of status yearnings, the gateway to New York's social Valhalla. No wonder people like Jack Grubman (and even this author) will pay any price -- or in Grubman's case, get someone else to pay it -- to get in.


Manhattan's Top Twenty Preschools

What's taught, who gets in, famous alums, and, of course, what your chances are.

To All Appearances

Financier Jeffrey Silverman seemed to have it all: the beautiful wife, the lavish homes on the East Side and in Palm Beach, the young twins he doted on, the powerful society friends. But since late September, when he was found with a fatal gunshot wound near the Greenwich estate he'd recently been forced to sell, a different picture has emerged, that of a man keeping up the appearance of wealth and hoping the real thing would follow. Finally, the bill came due.

Last Man Standing

Over the course of his 50-year political career, North Carolina senator Jesse Helms became New Yorkers' ultimate political bogeyman -- pro-life, anti-gay, segregationist (at least in the beginning), isolationist. An extremist parody of red-state America. But now, as he prepares to retire, it's become clear he's remade the Senate in his own take-no-prisoners southern-Republican image. It's also clear that he's -- are you ready for this? -- a nice guy.



Pink, Sean Combs, Carson Daly, Rusty Staub, and more . . .


Neutron Mike

Why is everyone so confused by Bloomberg's budget? It's more CEO than politico.

Hot Car: Maserati

After twelve years, the Italian luxury-car company is returning to America.

Garden-Variety Dining

A panel of Italian chefs stops into the new Olive Garden in Chelsea for a tasting.

Q&A: Felix Dennis, Man of Many Words

Felix Dennis, the British publishing juggernaut behind Maxim and Blender, publishes his first collection of 200 poems.

Deal of the Week

Renovated brownstones

Boys Gone Wild

Never mind Will & Grace: Gay men are in lust with Johnny Knoxville and the skater punks of Jackass.

Manservant About Town

Quintessentially, a concierge service that has lots of Londoners (including Madge and Gwynnie) feeling very VIP has just opened a shop in New York.

Page Earners: Buy 'Em by the Word

How much big-time authors are paid.



The studios are jockeying for position in what's shaping up as the fiercest Oscar race in years. And handicapping a field that includes Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Leo DiCaprio, and Julianne Moore wasn't easy.

Strong Medicine

Even in the city's top hospitals, mistakes happen -- and at a higher rate than you'd expect. Here's how you can avoid becoming a malpractice statistic.

Best Bets

Hanukkah made easy, from kosher rugalach to classy menorahs

Sales & Bargains

Killer cords to carry you through the fall

Naked City

Revisiting the age-old question: Can men and women be friends?



Tuesdays With Morrie comes alive onstage; Mamet's Boston Marriage misfires


A Carroll Dunham retrospective explores the lines between illustration and art


Sasha Waltz's endlessly imaginative Körper comes to BAM

Classical Music

Britten's Les Illuminations is hauntingly sung by Ian Bostridge


Steven Spielberg sticks to a familiar (but engrossing) sci-fi formula with Taken


At Aix, Didier Virot improvises artful -- if at times excessively intricate -- fare

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