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February 3, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Special Collectors' Issue!

New Yorkers may have famously tiny apartments, but when it comes to collecting, our ambitions know no bounds. In one man’s West Village house is a world-class toy museum, with tiny zeppelins and dry-docked steamboats. In a Brooklyn loft, a musician maintains a library of 15,000 pulp novels. New Yorkers’ personal obsessions range from vintage couture to medical photographs to brilliant Venetian glass to costume jewelry from Hollywood’s golden age. And then there’s Marilynn and Ivan C. Karp, who have what must be the city’s biggest collection of collections. Here’s our own display, of ten remarkable collectors. PLUS: New York’s best dealers in 23 kinds of collectibles, along with what’s hot in each field.


Fear Factor

September 11 redefined safety in New York City. And police commissioner Ray Kelly, dissatisfied with the job the federal government has been doing in protecting us, has made combating terrorism his personal mission. In a little more than a year, Kelly has created our own virtual CIA and FBI, with agents around the world, high-tech SWAT teams with ultrasophisticated surveillance devices and weaponry, teams of intelligence analysts, and a bona fide former spymaster. All this, while holding the line on crime in a time of straitened budgets. Kelly, who was Dinkins’s last police commissioner, is obviously a man with something to prove. So how will we know if he succeeds? If nothing happens.



Colin Farrell, P.Diddy, Richard Johnson, and more.


Best Bets

Theme pens, an oversize Alessi dog bowl, and a Mad magazine book of art.

Sales & Bargains

Handy hoodies for gym and beyond.


Custom-blend lipstick, ab cream for men, and a cozy new uptown gym.



Eleven digits just to make a local call? Fingers, get ready to do some walking.

All Sewed Up

Face-lifts without surgery? Dermatologists break out the needle and thread.

Cruel Britannia!

Can the British impose their class system on New York's chattering masses? Just try getting into the new private club Soho House.

Smoke Signals

Club owners plot how to blow holes in Bloomberg's smoking law.


The Alter of Walter

In this media-obsessed town, no one is more obsessed over than Walter Isaacson. So is his departure from CNN a failure? Or an inspired calculation by media’s most brilliant careerist?

Cool on the Hill

Hillary Clinton is redrafting the Democrats’ defeat into her personal anti-Bush platform. Now it’s time for action.


Last Farewell

The Last Letter is a shattering reflection on motherhood and loss.

Tears of a CEO

The not-quite-authorized version of Howard Lutnick’s post-9/11 life.

Can You Dig It?

ABC’s Veritas has a loopy, comic-book energy—and entertaining stories.

British Beauties

Revelatory stagings of Uncle Vanya and Twelfth Night from Sam Mendes.

In Brief

An eloquent Jenufa at the Met Opera.

Meze Haul

A Bay Ridge pilgrimage for the masterly meze at Tamoreen.

Enigma Variations

Leonardo’s exquisite drawings, charged with motion and passion, at the Met.


Beyond Belief

Naked City: Can love trump religion?

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