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March 24, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Weekend Getaways

When it comes to weekend getaways, location is everything. Happily, there’s no shortage of easy escapes within striking distance of New York. That’s where we come in. Whether your tastes run to Berkshires inns or all-inclusive Bermuda golf resorts, you’ll find something to get you going. PLUS: What’s hot in Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh (yes, Pittsburgh); and warts-and-all travel tales from Augusten Burroughs, Sarah Vowell, Cynthia Kaplan, and Neal Pollack.


Marty's Moment

Should Chicago win the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday, no one will celebrate harder than New York producer Marty Richards, who spent 27 years turning what was his first Broadway hit into a screen gem. Of course, along the way Richards was anything but idle, producing such classics as Sweeney Todd on Broadway and The Shining on film—not to mention some of the most over-the-top parties this side of Laurel Canyon with his wife, Band-Aid heiress Mary Lea Johnson. A frankly flamboyant producer reflects on a life lived with—how else to put it?—a full measure of razzle-dazzle.

The City at War

Suddenly (once again), every conversation in this city is about one thing, as New Yorkers debate whether, and under what circumstances, we should invade Iraq. Far from a simple yes or no, the question leads into other passionate debates about what stance America should take in the world (and how the president has handled—or mishandled, depending on your point of view—our friends and allies in this adventure). Here, on what looks to be the eve of war, a broad spectrum of prominent New Yorkers go on the record with their (sometimes pained) positions. Next trick: getting Bush and Company to pay attention.

War at The New Yorker

The editorial "We" are of two minds.

Reading the Times

Please, Howell, tell us what to think!



Nicky and Paris Hilton, Ian Schrager, Norman Mailer, Rob Marshall and much more!


Sales & Bargains

Trend-setting trench coats


Down by the Sea

In a winter marked by snow and Saddam, the Hamptons rental market is off to a very slow crawl.

Smoke Up!

One bar’s response to Bloomberg’s ban: a liquid cigarette.

Into the Woods

Rudy’s biggest fan gets to play him onscreen.


Safe Is the New Risky

These days, even Grandma’s stocks are risky. Say good-bye to the blue chips.

The Out-of-Towners

Time was, if you were really sick, you went to a New York hospital. But these days, the suburbs are keen to compete.

Surprise Finish

A septuagenarian couple who still can’t get enough of each other.



The Big Chill meets big-time thrills in Lawrence Kasdan’s Dreamcatcher


Radiant Baby is bracing form without content; Proust as musical is no madeleine

Classical Music

Colin Davis gets to the heart of Hector Berlioz; a lackluster Faust at the Met

Popular Music

U.K. singer Ms. Dynamite follows in Lauryn Hill’s powerful feminist footsteps


Frederick Wiseman’s intimate cameras focus on domestic abuse


Inspired by Othello, Paul Taylor offers a riveting Promethean Fire


An engrossing exhibit at the Met finds Spain in the art of Manet and his peers


66—another gem from Jean-Georges

Top Five Hookah Bars

The sweet aroma of fruit-flecked tobacco will soon be outlawed from these fragrant Middle East havens. Inhale legally while the law is still on your side.

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