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June 9, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Halcyon Days

Who in this city doesn’t want to concentrate a little harder, sleep a little easier, have better sex, or just a little more fun? These days, thanks to a host of drugs like Zoloft, Adderall, Viagra, Ambien, and the almighty Klonopin (not to mention co-workers and friends who swap meds like candy), the solution to life’s stresses is less likely to come from within than from a little bottle. Or two. And with self-medication becoming a way of life, who needs messy street drugs like coke? Welcome to the brave new world of pharmacological self-improvement.


It’s Not Easy Being Teen

And it’s even tougher if you have a learning disability or ADD. New York kids who’ve been tested and tutored to good effect as youngsters often, when they reach high school, rebel against the help and the drugs that keep them focused—and able to demonstrate how smart they really are. At the same time, schools geared to handle their idiosyncratic learning styles are few and far between. Getting into them can be tougher than getting into Harvard.

Boys’ Club

The beat is thumping and the crowds are lining up at a handful of Hamptons hot spots. Wanna get your name on the list? That’s up to a select group of twentysomething power brokers who in this post-Lizzie summer are fueling a nightlife resurgence—and their own ascendency in the Manhattan pantheon—by bringing models, starlets, and savvy marketing to the business of having fun.



Brad Pitt, Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson, and more!


Readers sound off on Bloomberg and the budget crisis, sidewalk smoking, Bill Maher, and more.


Best Bets

Felt furniture, a new book on manners, and Ralph Lauren shorts for kids


David Keh, Restaurateur 1934-2003

Remembering New York's Szechuan star.

Town and Country

The perfect urban camisole and the trashiest-chic beach boutique.

Vintage Edition

A personal shopper for vintage clothes?


The Download

Jayson Blair isn’t the only one faking it: TiVo and blogs are turning all of us into an army of appropriators

Naked City

Looking for love—or a wedding-night stand—at the Singles Table



Acting trumps action in The Italian Job; Adrien Brody wastes his talent in Love the Hard Way


Candace Bushnell’s new Trading Up: Portrait of a model in two dimensions


A haunting revival of “Master Harold” . . . and the boys; Humble Boy sweetly invokes Hamlet


A Middle Eastern exhibit at the Met recalls art’s origins; the Guggenheim fêtes Kazimir Malevich


Masterly performances carry Jasper, Texas; reality gets a face-lift in Big Eden


Wylie Dufresne finally unveils wd-50 with some wonderful (and weird) food


American Ballet Theatre’s HereAfter—a landmark in dumb dance

Top Five

Public Gardens

All you apartment-dwellers pining for a backyard: Here’s a substitute to keep you placid till you can afford that weekend home in Rhinebeck. Grab a book and a bottle of water, bypass the crowds in the big city parks, and visit your own semi-secret plot of green.

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