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September 22, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Dream Team

Given the quagmire in Iraq and the sputtering economy at home, the race against bush is a victory in search of a candidate. Could Hillary Clinton or Wesley Clark be the one?


The School of Tulle

In Behnaz Sarafpour’s fall collection, where the ballet gown meets the forties cocktail dress, slinky and sexy are out, pretty and polished are in.

Roses Are Redd

And blues are, too. Designer Miles Redd applies his genius for color—on walls, on floors, and in the objets that he finds—to transform two young Manhattanites’ apartments.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on partisan politics, liberalism, and more.

Smart City

Dress With Drama

A Village dress shop makes a highly theatrical debut.

In the Pink

Your fall-wardrobe checklist probably already contains the essentials: the barely-there mini, the go-to sweaters and turtlenecks in basic black-and-white (to wear with said mini, of course), and the eye-popping opaque tights in just about every color. For the finishing touch, we found the perfect shoe: Steve Madden’s ultra-sexy Striking pumps.

Closet Case

We emptied our wardrobes to create this guide to the city’s best consignment shops.

Where Can I Get My Mirror Re-Silvered?

I just bought an antique mirror, but the reflective surface is blotchy. I know it used to be possible to have a mirror re-silvered—does anyone still do this?

Peninsula Hotels

Move over, South Beach: Florida’s grand old dames are back.


Intelligencer Column

Alec Baldwin, Sofia Coppola, Bonnie Fuller...

Enter, Chelsea

Like her mom and dad before her, the former First Daughter is taking the New York stage. Veteran players have some neighborly (and not so neighborly) advice.

Friendly Fire

Ed Klein claims he was Jackie’s friend. So why did her lawyer tell him to buzz off?

Big Question

Snapple paid $166 million to be the city’s “official” drink. How else could New York co-brand itself?

Like an Author

Madonna joins the ranks of pop-music artists turned shining children’s-literature stars.

Mr. Grove Goes to New York

D.C.’s gossiper-in-chief takes on “Page Six.”

Tops on Bottoms

How to turn your old T-shirts into . . . underwear.

Batali's Bachelors

Mario Batali teaches single men how to cook. Lesson No. 1? Don’t do it like Rocco!

Wanted: One “It” Actress

Finding an Edie Sedgwick is harder than you’d think.



A mutual-fund giant let Canary Capital turn back time to create a no-risk, all-profit paradise. Next up for the perps: the all-risk, no-profit world known as jail.

Who Knew?

Hospitals used to enjoy unfettered access to your medical records, but no more—a situation that’s sending fund-raisers to the emergency room.

The Long Goodbye

Dan and Allison are doing everything they can to remain friends. But is it really possible to end a marriage without destroying the relationship?


Social Studies

To Be and to Have, a documentary about a single-room schoolhouse in rural France, offers up a poignant vision of how a teacher can shape lives.

In Brief: Matt & Ben

John Simon reviews Matt & Ben.

Fear of Flying

Jonathan Lethem’s new novel is located somewhere on a grid defined by race relations, a comic book, and spaldeens. But where, exactly?


As the baseball playoffs loom, a new documentary revisits the trade that set off one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports.

In Brief: Campagnie Felix Ruckert

Laura Shapiro reviews the latest from Compagnie Felix Ruckert.

Zen and Now

An artist whose witty Conceptual gems from the Vietnam era to the present transcend the merely absurd to reveal deeper truths.

Ol' Man River

If the over-the-top theatrics of Rocco’s reality show make you crave old-fashioned restaurant professionalism, the River Café hits the spot.

Top Picks from the New York Is Book Country Festival

Your options are more than fair at the New York Is Book Country Festival.

Top Five Frankenheimer Flicks

A quintet by the late, great John Frankenheimer, at Film Forum.

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