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December 15, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Never Again?

The seemingly intractable conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has turned into the flash point—as well as the cover—for a harrowing new wave of anti-Jewish sentiment (not to mention violence) around the world. In many circles, Israel’s right to exist is being called into question. How did it become politically correct to hate Jews? And how should American Jews respond?


At Martha’s Table

Brooklyn-born Bob Morvillo has long been one of the city’s savviest white-collar-defense attorneys, discreetly brokering deals for corporate giants like Merrill Lynch while keeping himself out of the spotlight. Now he’s the last man standing between Martha Stewart and a federal prison sentence. And nothing about her trial figures to be discreet.

Space-Off in Chelsea

Two designers with identical London Terrace studios but very different taste tackle the age-old urban problem of how to turn a small apartment into a home—and then critique (in a neighborly fashion) one another’s efforts.



Readers sound off on Senator John Kerry and more.

Smart City

Best of New York

Saks Fifth Avenue’s menswear department: one-stop shopping for the fashion-impaired

Best Bets

High-tech running tights, a wireless digital camera, and velvet slingbacks from Alice Roi

Shop Talk

Bringing quality design to home furnishings.

Sales & Bargains

Deal of the Week: Colorful Ikea throw pillows

Plus: This week's sale listings

Ask New York

I need bachelorette party suggestions!


New York’s hottest new hotels


Intelligencer Column

Joan Rivers embraces PETA. Plus, Mr. Big settles down.

Green Acres

If Paris can benefit from the simple life (a big if), who else should be shipped off to the farm?

The U.S.S. Trouble

Tom DeLay’s ship sank—but the GOP convention is still an albatross for Bloomberg.

iPod Person

One angry consumer’s digital-music revolution.

Made for Stalking

Women scramble for Uggs.

Raising Dean-ero

This week, Dean could beat the one-day record for cash. So why isn’t he crowing?

Eastward Ho!

Manhattan real-estate brokers invade the Hamptons.

Prose on the Nose

A literary roundup of the mug-shot mediathon.


This Media Life

With the economy showing signs of life and that stealth trip to Baghdad, Bush may not be such a turkey after all. Unless you believe in the law of reversals . . .

The Bottom Line

Housing bubble? What housing bubble? Your home will continue to be your best investment.

Naked City

On the allure of wild and crazy girls



Diane Keaton plays a lovable, grown-up foil to Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give


Paul Auster’s Oracle Night mixes whimsy and rue with loads of plot


Never Gonna Dance never takes flight, but Birdy very nearly does


Do John Currin’s paintings at the Whitney provoke—or just titillate?

Classical Music

Conductor David Robertson pushes the Philharmonic to new heights


City Ballet begins a season of tributes to George Balanchine


A biopic aims for the soul of Dickens’s genius—and misses


The Biltmore Room’s adventurous chef beckons foodies to unknown territory

The Week

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

An all-canned food restaurant? Through selective sourcing, Sample makes its surprising style work.

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