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May 24, 2004 Issue

Cover Story


The supermarket battle between Fairway, FreshDirect, and Whole Foods is becoming epic—and vicious.


Do-It-Yourself Raw

California’s high-end raw-food movement is coming to New York. Chef Matthew Kenney of the new restaurant Pure Food & Wine supplies recipes delectable enough to turn even the most dedicated carnivore into a vegan.

The Perfectionist Gets Burned

Thomas Keller’s Per Se was planned with all the meticulous obsession of his culinary temple, the French Laundry. But then a fire shut the restaurant down. A control freak meets his match.

Grill Around The Clock

The city’s top barbecue masters get fresco from morning till night.

A Four-Star Summer Dinner

Thomas Keller tweaks American classics, from chips and dip to Creamsicles, for a luxe meal.

Cool Aid

This summer’s cocktails take their cues from the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim: tropical and exotic.

Stalking Her Killer

In the mid-seventies, Deborah Gardner, a Peace Corps volunteer in Tonga, was slain by another volunteer, after which the government helped him go free. Almost three decades later, the author confronts the killer on the streets of New York.

The Ghosts of Governors Island

Abandoned since 1997, the military base at Governors Island sits silent and preserved. As ideas for the island’s future swirl, a Public Art Fund commission allowed two photographers to capture its strange, empty beauty.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on the proposed redevelopment of Brooklyn, Margaret Trigg's tragic life and the city's taxi fare hikes.

Smart City

Stations of the Crawl

A swim in the city’s newest (and most upscale) hotel pools

Best Bets

Adjustable DKNY bedsheets, 100-hour Burn candles, and the sporty CarryBag

Sales & Bargains

A pharmacy-style lamp courtesy of Staples

Plus: This week's sale listings


Roberta Freymann goes overground.

Test Drive

Handing over your closet to professional organizers


Intelligencer Gossip

Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Aby Rosen, Daniel Boulud, Sirio Maccioni, Mark Burnett, Melania Knauss and more.

9/11: Going, Going, Gone

It’s okay to destroy New York again—in the movies.

Her Royal Lie-ness

The so-called Saudi princess was only one of the many identities Lisa Walker tried on like jewelry.

New Brew

Experts sip Moby’s iced teas.

Quarter Pounder

Giants hopeful Jared “J.Load” Lorenzen on football, the big city, and food.

Go, Jets Stadium!

In the fight over the ever-more-contentious West Side plan, one side unveils a TV ad campaign.

You've Got . . . Nailed!

Last week, news broke that the SEC will sift through the e-mails of Dick Grasso and executives at the New York Stock Exchange. Prompting this inventory of five of the more incriminating corporate e-mails.

Big Question

First Friends. Now Frasier. Which TV show should end next? And which one should last forever?



At Pop restaurant manager Tim Moore’s memorial, 1,000 people showed up, a reminder of the intimate connections New Yorkers have with people they barely know

The Bottom Line

The bears come out to play—and the stock market goes into hibernation

The Sexes

Women can be torturers, too. That’s news, though it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Naked City

The pornography industry’s latest HIV crisis has led at least one well-known director to embrace the condom. Is this the end of porn as we know it?


Making the most of Mexico City


Pop Music

With You Are the Quarry, Morrissey betrays his own angsty roots by giving in to new-wave nostalgia


Shrek 2 tries for sophistication but loses both grown-ups and kids


Budding playwright Tennessee Williams, unformed but revealing

Classical Music

Leonard Bernstein’s Candide remains a masterpiece—and a muddle


Jenifer Estess’s final days of suffering with Lou Gehrig’s disease


The Scottish dance: A brilliant new ballet from Christopher Wheeldon

The Week

Restaurants Openings & Buzz

This week's restaurant openings include: Mary's Dairy, Swish Cafe & Shabu Shabu and Le Quinze. Plus, rhubarb has reached the city's greenmarkets and Gael tests the new menu at Morrells.

New on DVD

Movies new on DVD this week include: Zatoichi, Paycheck, Mr. Klein, Sex & The City: Season Six, Part One and more.

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