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July 26, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

A Food Revolution for the People

Cheap eaters, unite! The city's ruling culinary class spreads the wealth, and here, at proletarian prices, are the year's most perfect unions of high and low.


Dessert Dating

The new seduction of wooing your sweetie in a single course.

The Plate Race

How do lowbrow contenders measure up to their high-end counterparts?

Prix Fixe Cheap Fix

Top chefs shop for the city's best deals.

Favorite Cheap Meals of the Rich and Famous

Budget picks from notable New Yorkers.

The Pushcart Prize

An haute cuisine chef rolls into hotly contested street territory.

The Death of the Diner

What’s killing the cheeseburger deluxe?

Leary on Fire

TV’s first post-9/11 drama, starring Denis Leary as a troubled firefighter, premieres on FX next week. Are viewers ready for an unsentimental portrait of the FDNY?

Happy 85th Birthday, Bob Morgenthau

Should our current D.A. win next year’s election (his ninth), he’ll have served in that position longer than anyone else in history. Is it impolitic to talk about his age?

Smart City

Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on noise, Howard Dean, and more.

Target Practice

Making the most of Brooklyn’s new Target.

Lladro Figurine

Airline flatware, rings from Mikimoto’s Milano collection, and a cigarette-case belt buckle.

Suit and Tie

Sleek, stringy swimsuits

Initial Impression

Diamond initial pendants

Plus: sales at Archipelago, Serafina, and Cynthia Rowley


Intelligencer Gossip

Bill Clinton, Alec Baldwain, Kevin Bacon, Charlotte Ford, Mickey Drexler, Martha Stewart, Maureen Reidy, and more.


Jesse Friedman makes his own movie.


This season’s oddest cultural convergence? A play, two movies, and a novel about killing the president.

Downtown On The Farm

City-dwellers relish the Union Square Greenmarket for its rural authenticity: You arrive late in the day knowing that farmers have driven three hours in the early morning to get there. But it turns out that a few of them have a much shorter commute. Here are three “farms” within the five boroughs.

Ready for a Nap

“You actually fell asleep?” An afternoon spent in midtown’s new express-rest center.

Play Date

A new self-destructing DVD could challenge Blockbuster.



Family Affairs

Picking up the pieces after you discover your nanny has been stealing from your bank account

Threshold of Pain

For a newly married couple, the next step—buying a first apartment together—can be a doozy.

Travel: A New Bermuda

Bermuda gets a makeover

Real Estate: The Russians Are Coming

And the Brits, and the South Africans...Overseas buyers flood Manhattan.


Melancholy Baby

Zach Braff’s journey from bumbling Scrub to moody Garden State cinéaste


A moving literary threeway comes to the big screen; Spike Lee delivers a clunker


Small-town Texas politics get the documentary treatment


Ana Mendieta’s body art checks into the Whitney


A clumsy (but crowd-pleasing) Shakespeare in the Park.

The Week

New on DVD

The Human Stain, Ned Kelly, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, How's Your News?, K Street, Early Summer, and Dogville.

Restaurant Openings and Buzz

Opening this week: Zipi Zape, Akdeniz, and James Duane. Plus: a first taste of Kalustyan’s Café and Gael Greene revisits Blue Hill.

Top 5: Outdoor Fun for Kids

From forest storytelling to shipboard yoga to a real powwow, outdoor fun all over town.

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