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August 30, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

The Things They Carry

What the protesters and the police will be carrying as they face off this week.

A Quiet Riot

Yesterday, Hordes Marched Peacefully. Tonight, Rudy Puts On the Gloves.

A Better Baldwin?

The beleaguered GOP bookers score a Baldwin brother.

“Mr. Pootie Poot, The president’s on the line…”

A Dubya Decoder

The Most Important Election (since the last one)

You've heard it all before.


Could Judith Miller, the New York Times reporter, be heading to jail? The verdict on "R: The Party" and Robert Novak vs. Jon Stewart?

Talking Points

Honestly, delegates, this is New York on its best behavior. Before your arrival, the Daily News ran a front-page editorial beseeching us to “play nice,” and we are...

The Big Question

What's Your Survival Tip for the Convention?

Playing the Odds
Will Osama Be Captured or Killed Before the Election?

Ask Ed
I've Never Been to New York. Any Advice?

3 Days of Photos From Republicans exiting the C train to a party at the Roseland Ballroom to dinner with Log Cabin Republicans.

Monday's Lineup
Who's speaking at the convention today? We'll tell you what to expect—and what's at stake.

Vox Pop
Is New York Really Part of America?

The Datebook
Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS)

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