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November 8, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

The Onlies

Increasingly, the normal New York family is one with an only child. And these only children are far from the lonely misfits portrayed in the old suburban stereotype—which doesn’t mean they’re not . . . different.


When de Kooning Was King

It wasn’t just Willem de Kooning’s big, declarative brushstrokes that made him the paramount New York artist of the fifties. It was his whole way of life—the tough-talking machismo, the late nights at Cedar Tavern, the alluring young mistress—that created a new ethos of downtown cool

See Chuck Run

On the cusp of a second term in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer seems to have Albany on the brain. It’s one way, at least, to escape the shadow of Hillary.


Best Bets

Cashmere for kids, plus . . .

Economy of One

Giorgio Armani

The Look Book

Deena Abdulaziz, Mother

Market Research

Bottled water

The Everything Guide to: Feet (Special Marathon Edition)


Punta del Este: the next Rio?


Sleeping with the enemy

Real Estate

Yes, you still can get a precious Mitchell-Lama apartment deal—if you qualify, and if you’re very patient.

Shop news

Store openings this week

Ask a Shop Clerk

Junko Higuchi, Harry Winston

The Best Seller

Bamboo Veneerware All-Occasion Plates, $6.95–$12.95

Sales & Bargains: This week's hottest sales & bargains

The Restaurant Review

Tía Pol gets tapas right . . .

In Season

Maple Butter Baked Seckel Pears

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Nov. 1, 2004: Jolie, Ora, Fluff, Chocolate Haven, Scharffen Berger, and Theeee Coffee Chamber. Plus, pink salt and Alice Waters at the Whitney.

Ask Gael

With Rocco out, why go to Union Pacific?

Outside In

These restaurants have figured out how to winterize their gardens.

Tupperware Turkey

Takeout turkey from Craft

Starch Me Up

What’s the best thing about the New York City Marathon? Pre-race carbo-loading.


Intelligencer Gossip

Plus, the new political minority, sex charges on ice, Jane's harder side, and moon boot madness.

Back Track

Bruce Davidson revisits the subway

Shining On

A look at the city's new lamppost.

The Politics of Anxiety

Shrinks on electoral anxiety

Anatomy of a Prospect

Will Crawford save the Knicks


The National Interest

Why voting is no more reliable than polling

Money & the Mind

How Wilbur Ross got very rich

The Culture Pages

Home Boy

Matthew Broderick’s passive allure.

Movie Review

The Incredibles, from Pixar

Q&A With Wallace Shawn & Sarah Vowell

Literary royalty and an indie-radio darling.

Q&A With Anthony Mackie

Star Of Brother To Brother.

The Pre-Show Show

Our reviews of this week’s previews.

Theater Review

Twelve Angry Men, instant classic.

Laugh Whore Reviewed

Q&A With The Villainous Tim Roth

Villain Tim Roth In The God Of Hell At The Actors Studio Drama School Theater. Opens November 16.

Popular Music Review

Leonard Cohen gets creepier

John Lenon's Rock ‘n’ Roll Reviewed

Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus Reviwed

Eminem’s Anti-Bush Video

It could affect the election.


A rapper with a raucous delivery and a lust for the good life.

How to Fix R.E.M.

Q&A With Glenn Branca

Composer of Symphony No. 13, “Hallucination City” and Sonic Youth's mentor.

Art Review

A retrospective on Isamu Noguchi.

On View at the Met

Q&A With Photographer Paul Pfeiffer

Classical Music Review

New singers at Carnegie Hall

We Need A New Name For “World Music”

Book Review

Lethem and Chabon, for now

The Line of Beauty Reviewed

Television Review

Hank Azaria in Huff

Arrested Development

The Emmy-winner returns.

The O.C.

Season 2 reviewed.

Single Mom/Sane Teen

The rise of the "sane teen" is the season’s most unexpected trend.

The Week

New on DVD


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