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February 14, 2005 Issue

Cover Story


What could make Oscar de la Renta—a suave designer with a thriving line and a $100 million fortune—nervous? The future of his company and the future of his family, which happen to be one and the same.


Small is Beautiful

Three boutique designers who have happily resisted the siren call of Big Fashion.

1 + 1 = 1

Proenza Schouler is a fashion line by two young men who’ve mastered the art of sharing. A look into the quirky collaborative process of New York’s hottest designer partnership.

Yoko, Now

Yoko Ono still believes in black.

Goth Girl Goes Glam

Christina Ricci transforms herself into a Versace dream girl.

Opening Night
A curatorial collection of the season’s most stylish gala gowns.

The shoes for right now.

Soap Dish
All My Children’s Rebecca Budig, looking fresh for spring.

Frieze Frame
The highest-art toga party of all time. (Pick up New York Magazine's Feb. 14th Issue for photos.)

Mood Indigo
Five young artists go blue head-to-toe.

Singular Sensations
Broadway stars get an eighties makeover.


Best Bets

A spring shoe from Ralph Lauren, plus gold-dusted pastries and a suede trench coat.

The Look Book

A blue-haired North Carolina refugee.


Dating an artist.

Real Estate

Realtors who moonlight as matchmakers.


What to do in Lisbon.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Rob Fissmer of Moss.

The Best Seller

Men’s short-sleeve polo, $305

Sales & Bargains:
This week's hottest sales & bargains

The Restaurant Review

Sapa has a great chef but a mediocre menu.

In Season

A recipe for blood-orange salad.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Feb. 7, 2005: Amy's Bread, Spigolo, Falai, and Rickshaw Dumpling Bar. Plus, lessons in cheese, Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton team up, a pizza book, and more.

Ask Gael

An enthusiastic report from BLT Fish.

Just Desserts

Sure, you could go the predictable route on Valentine’s Day, but with the new boom in dessert destinations, why not sneak away for some love—or least some hazelnut-chocolate layer cake and a glass of Banyuls—in the afternoon?

Party Like It’s 4703

Chinatown celebrates the Lunar New Year with a parade and fireworks on February 9. You can also usher in the Year of the Rooster with lucky foods like whole fish (for abundance), chicken (for prosperity), and noodles (for longevity).

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Cynics may call it amateur night, but every young Romeo has to start somewhere, and no one appreciates this fact better than our city’s chefs and restaurateurs.


Intelligencer Gossip

Hillary’s Swift Boat–style nemesis...

It Happened Last Week

By week’s end, New Yorkers were more than willing to heed the sage’s advice to those consumed by regret: Do all you can to mitigate the harm caused by your behavior, and resolve not to be so foolish again.

The Supermodel’s Superhero

John Casablancas on his return to Elite.

Surfing the Subway: A Fitness Guide

Is subway surfing good exercise?

The Clinton Years

A history of Lower East Side crime.

Blowout Galas

They raise lots of cash for MoMA and Multiple Sclerosis—but at what price? A cost-vs.-revenue analysis.

Rock/Don’t Rock

Downtown WALK signs get a mysterious makeover.

Fashion’s Surfer Dudes

An Orange County collective brings its sunny, preppy, silly, character-driven clothes to New York.


The Bottom Line

In the wake of the Gillette–Procter & Gamble merger, a number of classic—and still successful—brands become prime takeover material.

The National Interest

Why a Dean chairmanship won’t be a disaster for moderate Democrats.

The Culture Pages

Dark Horse

Oscar nominee Alan Alda has been playing against type for 30 years.

Movie Review

Inside Deep Throat adroitly chronicles porn’s invasion of pop culture.

The Afterlife of a Porn Star

The adult life of original adult-film star Harry Reems.

Book Review

Sam Lipsyte gets slacker fiction off the couch in Home Land.

Art Review

Rubens offends the modern sensibility that artists like Twombly created.

Show and Tell: Tim Hawkinson

Electric shorts at the Whitney.

TV Review

Two much-better-than-usual celebrations of Black History Month.

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