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April 11, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

The New Eccentrics

Our semi-annual peek inside the homes and apartments of the city’s tastemakers reveals that personal style has broken free of orthodoxy—and become, in a sense, its own movement.

Home Design

The Italian Job

Tuscany meets Venice in a triangular 1700s house in the West Village.


High atop the Time Warner Center, a couple experiments with some radical color schemes.

The Indoorsman

How to decorate a city apartment as if it weren’t in the city at all.

Brooklyn Baroque

Who says you can’t put pagodas, Pucci ties, monkey wallpaper, a mannequin, and lots of stuffed animals all in the same house?

Watch the Closing Door

And the in-floor Jacuzzi pit. And the see-through bathtub. And the wok hearth.


What Rupert Wrought

In 1976, an Australian newspaper baron named Rupert Murdoch bought the New York Post—a fading liberal tabloid in a fading liberal city. Thirty years later, that tabloid defines the world we live in. How the future of New York (and America) was shaped in a single summer.

Stepdaddy’s Little Girl

Maggie Rizer is a small-town girl who hit it big, a cover model with a Tribeca condo and $7 million in the bank—or so she thought. Turns out her stepfather spent almost every cent of it on an alcohol-fueled gambling binge. The unraveling of a dream come true.


Best Bets

Tapestries from prominent artists, plus natural latex gloves and a python purse.

Look Book

A fashionable French-lit major.

Just Enough Information

Settling the crucial debates of our time: LCD vs. plasma, Sirius vs. XM, and broadband vs. landline.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Barbara Caldwell of Chelsea Wholesale Flower Market.

The Best Seller

Sequined Beret.

Sales & Bargains:
This week's hottest sales & bargains.

Restaurant Review

Two fantastic and friendly Italian spots.

In Season

Spring’s best lettuce.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of April 4, 2005: Francesco at Mix, Liberty View, Yumcha, and Uva. Plus, Brian Young makes his Manhattan return.

Here’s the RUB

A guide to NYC barbecue.

What Price Happiness?

Savvy restauranteurs looking to fill seats will stop at nothing - even cutting their prices.

Dumpling Grounds

For a sophisticated fast-food fix, you can’t beat a Chinese-dumpling specialist.


The lonely life of the childless married couple.

The 10-Point Escape Plan

Belgrade is back.


Intelligencer Gossip

It Happened Last Week

Although Spring had just begun, some New Yorkers were already visibly sweating.

Knockoff Kobe

Japanese restaurants play the misname game with high-grade beef.

The Great Escape

A new emergency system for high-rise office buildings.

The Smug Marrieds Head Underground

Pro-marriage propaganda to invade subway.


The City Politic

How charisma-free Freddy Ferrer ended up as the front-runner in the mayor’s race.

The Culture Pages

Hooray for the Man-eaters

Kirstie Alley and her place in the burgeoning field of “fat lit.”

Movie Review

A bizarrely entertaining kung fu comedy.

Wit: Christopher Guest

The Director on the mockumentary and its ilk.

Theater Review

Doubt is a sure thing.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Reviewed

How many more overrated British directors are we going to import to become serial killers of American theater?

This Is How It Goes Reviewed

All that’s missing is a carny out in front of the Public Theater screaming, “Mothers, shield your children! Gentlemen, if you have a heart condition, leave now!”

Actor: Jeff Goldblum

On his return to the stage.

TV Review

It’s anyone’s guess whether Grey’s Anatomy will succeed (but it should).

Eyes Reviewed

What makes Eyes work so well isn’t just the snappy patter, the slick camera angles, and the surveillance technology; it’s also the smarty-pants scams.

Whoopi: Back to Broadway Reviewed

Not even Mike Nichols can save this filmed version of La Goldberg’s solo show from feeling routine, if not a puzzling disappointment.

Long Story Short

The epic, postmodern tale of William Shatner.

How To Fix Fox TV

A three step solution.

Pop Music Review

Kings of Leon add a welcome punk spirit to southern rock.

Influences: Al Green

The legend talks about loving Elvis and getting fired by Aretha.

Classical Music Review

A near-perfect version of Handel’s Orlando.


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