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April 18, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Don't Hate Them Because They're Rich

Parking spots that go for $175,000, a building full of nothing but $35 million apartments: The superrich have remade the city in their own image. And as the class of extravagant spenders grows with no end in sight, it’s worth looking beyond scorn and envy to the ways in which the superrich function as the city’s main industry. Their money makes the city better for everyone (and worse, too, but we’re talking economics here).


Who Wants to Move to Ground Zero?

World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein has a 99-year lease, visionary plans, a brilliant sales pitch, and a very big, just about completed office building for which not a single paying tenant has signed up.

Sy Hersh Says It’s Okay to Lie (Just Not in Print)

The only thing more shocking than Seymour Hersh’s revelations about abuses of government power is his public musings about the abuses of government power. Should what he utters be held to the same standard as what he writes?


Intelligencer Gossip

Downsize, the Miramax way! Harvey Weinstein and Cipriani cook up a diet book.

It Happened Last Week

As these three world-historical figures ascended to the Great Perhaps, life in the city carried on in its usual sublunary style.

Mary Matalin on Mary Cheney . . .

. . . Bill Clinton, Al Franken, and her foray into conservative-book publishing.

James Atlas on Saul Bellow . . .

Bellow’s biographer says goodbye.

Furor in the Court

“It’s like we’re in Fallujah.” Brooklyn judges say they’re not as safe as their Manhattan counterparts.

From Jennings to Quitting

A 100-smokers poll on Peter Jennings.


Best Bets

A plated-gold necklace, plus instant hair-gel strips and an innovative plunger.

Shop News

Store Openings this week.

Sales & Bargains:
This week's hottest sales & bargains

Ask a Shop Clerk

Heather Yoo of Issey Miyake.

Look Book

Featuring a slick A&R man.

Market Research

The best nail files.


A rarely discussed effect of moving back home: sexually frustrated parents.

Great Room

John Bartlett’s Beuys-influenced home.


The next generation of prescription pill bottles.

Food Review

Lo Scalco and Della Rovere, two very different Tribeca Italian joints worth visiting.

Object of Desire

A fried-oyster omelette brings the food of the frontier to Park Slope.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of April 11, 2005: Alto, Daniele's Piadina, Rice, Smoked, Table XII, The Stanton Social.

In Season

Shad Roe.

Ask Gael

I thought it was Tuscan - Now it's English?

The Big Fix

During the ten-day Dine in Brooklyn celebration (April 11 through 20), $19.55—in honor of the only year the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series—will buy you a multicourse dinner. The full list of participants is at; a few of the best selections appear here.

Champagne or Singha?

Thai New Year festival, happens April 13 through 15. Where to ring in the new?


How to change your skin-care regimen for springtime.

Real Estate

The rise of the million-dollar studio.

The Culture Pages

Sweet Mr. Mulder

David Duchovny sets a youthfully earnest movie in the city of his youth.

Movie Review

Todd Solondz’s latest occasionally avoids his typical mean-spirited pessimism.

The First Great 9/11 Film?

Harold & Kumar director Danny Leiner’s serious turn debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Theater Review

Puncturing the hype around Denzel Washington and Julius Caesar.

Steel Magnolias Reviewed

Going to St. Ives Reviewed


Pulitzer Winner John Patrick Shanley.

New York Stage

The Thomashefsky Project.

Classical Music Review

James Levine’s move to the Boston Symphony seems a success.

TV Review

Revelations is only the latest sign that the end-times are lucrative.

Getting the Hook

Arrested Development goes down gleefully.

Reality-TV Index

A recurring guide to which shows are on the rise and which are about to crash.

New York Screen

What's up, Docs?

Art Review

A Takashi Murakami– curated exhibit cleverly explores Japan’s infantilized culture.


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