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May 9, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

The Charity Ball Game

Patrons of the Costume Institute Ball—the elite of fashion, Hollywood, and New York money—may be the world’s most hard-to-please guests. Nicole Kidman sight lines must be meticulously distributed; 7,000 gardenias must be shipped by refrigerated jet so they expire at just the right moment. Inside party preparations that look more like plans for a military invasion.


I Hate Brooklyn

Sick and tired of seeing Manhattan diluted and drained by the Great Brooklyn Exodus, one writer asks: Wasn’t the point of moving to the city to get away from places like that?

Marks Nabs Johns

For an American art dealer, Jasper Johns is a big prize—maybe the biggest. With all of the art world at his feet, he chose the halting, awkward, and very persuasive Matthew Marks. How a young, ambitious gallery owner wooed America’s most important living painter and laid claim to being Leo Castelli’s true successor.


Intelligencer Gossip

Terri Schiavo and the theater, one woman's beef with Anonymous, Anderson Cooper's standards of newsworthiness, and more.

It Happened Last Week

Owing perhaps to the scent of blossoms in the air, it was a week that found the city in an unusually revealing mood.

Mushrooming Anxiety

Poison-mushroom alert.

'It's Peter Max's Car, Man!'

The artist's Corvette obsession.

Wi-Fi for Everyone!

Internet guru Andrew Rasiej runs for public advocate.


Best Bets

A gourmet’s picnic basket and more.


The cliquish social dynamics of playground mothers.

Look Book

A literary agent with a sense of humor.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Sales & Bargains:
This week's hottest sales & bargains

Ask a Shop Clerk

Julie Kyroulis of Givenchy.

Market Research

Women’s T-shirts.

The Everything Guide to Pearls

They’re back in fashion, and they’re not just for Mother’s Day. How to buy and care for pearls, eat the best oysters in town, and more.

Restaurant Review

Koi should appeal to those who prefer their top-notch Japanese in a noisy, chaotic atmosphere.

In Season

An asparagus recipe from Tia Pol.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of May 2, 2005: Bar Minnow, Grill 44, Dopey Benny's. Plus, adventurous eating with Gael Greene.

Ask Gael

Can't You Stay Away from Clinton Street?"


Taste Test.

Mom's Big Moment

On Sunday, treat your mother to a special brunch or dinner. Just remember to say that her cooking is better.

Triple Five Soul

Cinco de Mayo falls this year on 05/05/05—a propitious date if ever there was one. Here’s where to celebrate.


How to get a luxury spa treatment in the city.

Real Estate

Why the South Bronx isn’t the next Williamsburg.


The Imperial City

The same qualities that got Bob Kerrey into his recent mayoral mess would make him a great New York mayor.

The Home Front

How the NYPD figures out what’s on Al Qaeda’s target list.

The Culture Pages

Money Changes Everything

Paul Weitz draws from personal Park Avenue experience for a play about the pitfalls of childhood luxury.

Movie Review

The conventional plotlines of Crash take thrilling turns.

Actress: Thandie Newton

The Crash star on the whimsical nature of starlet buzz.

Theater Review

The new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang matches the all-ages appeal of Ian Fleming’s book.

Prodigy: Dan Fogler

The actor on his comically weird Broadway character.

A Streetcar Named Desire Reviewed

Who’d think that the day would come when one would ache to escape from a performance of Tennessee Williams’s masterpiece?

On Golden Pond Reviewed

The play cannot be fully salvaged, but an evening spent with such a cast is no waste of time or money.

Influences: Joni Mitchell

The folk singer on what she really thinks of her peers.

Art Review

Giuliani nemesis Chris Ofili (a.k.a. the elephant-dung artist) returns.

Follow the Money

What will sell at the upcoming auctions.

Lost and Found

Three pieces to follow during the auctions.

Classical Music Review

A great cast anchors the Met’s excellent production of 'Faust.'

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