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May 16, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

My Life as a Thin Person

Losing 100 pounds is a dream come true for people who’ve been obese their entire lives. But with their new bodies come new identities—and complications that can make them feel like strangers to friends, to spouses, and even to themselves.


David and His 26 Roommates

They prepare food at Citarella and Fairway and the city’s fanciest restaurants, then go home to an illegal, jam-packed basement apartment. A Real World in the real world.

The Sixtysomething Upstart

Leslie Crocker Snyder says the city’s most influential people have told her she’d make a great Manhattan D.A.—once Robert Morgenthau retires. But after 30 years in office, Morgenthau’s not ready to leave. So now she’s trying to push him out.

The Building of the Upper West Side

Erected by an eccentric heir, the Ansonia Hotel—birthplace of the Black Sox scandal, onetime home of the world’s most famous swingers’ club—inherited its builder’s penchant for extravagance and controversy. The long and colorful life of the palace that made the West Side.


Intelligencer Gossip

Leonardo DiCaprio becomes a local, Teri Hatcher's last laugh, PETA and Parsons smoke a peace pipe, and more.

It Happened Last Week

New Yorkers showed their peevish side, vexing over grievances both real and imagined.

Chuck’s Stake

Senator Schumer on ground zero and his imaginary friend.

Interior Decorating by Sonogram

Is it a boy or a girl? Only her nursery-decorator knows.

Die, Pigeon, Die!

A new book preaches pigeoncide.


Best Bets

A minimalist bohemian-chic skirt, plus a sixties lamp and a “gel kneeler.”

Economy of One

Singer Amerie spends $66,136.95.

Great Room

A modern Sistine Chapel.

Look Book

A nightclub doorman with “gay Brooks Brothers” style.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Sales & Bargains:
This week's hottest sales & bargains

Ask a Shop Clerk

Joseph A. Diorio of Home Depot.

Market Research

White rum.

Restaurant Review

Bellavitae serves reasonably priced Italian to the pretension-weary.

In Season

Fiddlehead ferns.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of May 9, 2005: Filip's, Secretes, Light Bar and Restaurant, Salon, Big Booty Bread Co., and a new branch of Sarabeth's.

Fresher Direct

The burgeoning CSA movement (the acronym is short for “community-supported agriculture”) connects local farmers to veggie-obsessed consumers.

Ask Gael

Is There a New Las Vegas? Do I Care?

House of Toast

The Blue Ribbon Bakery adds the Blue Ribbon Bakery Market to its empire, selling quality bread and gourmet toppings

A Queens Scene

Where to grab some grub after this weekend’s annual Summer in LongIsCity festival.

Get Into a Rhubarb

Where to enjoy the prettiest of red leaf stems—now in season—in everything from cocktails to dessert.


Many newly divorced have more trouble scheduling dates than finding them.

Real Estate

Foxtons is back.


What to do in Zanzibar.

The Culture Pages

Summer Movies

For Jennifer Connelly, playing a victim of real-estate nightmares didn’t require much acting. Plus: As blockbuster season brings out the stars, what will be worth seeing? The Brad Pitt–Angelina Jolie vehicle that spawned a thousand headlines arrives; Will Ferrell ubiquity escalates; Scarlett Johansson plays the template for film’s all-time hottest clone horde.

Theater Review

David Mamet’s celebration of vulgar cruelty shouldn’t be considered art.

Book Review

Nicole Krauss on going from poet to part of New York’s literary hot couple.

Agent Author: Neil Olsen

On his double life.

The Coast of Akron Reviewed

Beneath the bright cocktail patter of 'Akron,' there is not only the whiff of smugness that often accompanies the irreproachably hip, but also a critical remoteness.

Pop Music Review

Studio geeks the Books learn to love it live.


What the audience really thought about Elvis Costello.


The City Politic

Sheldon Silver wants to speed things up at ground zero; Bloomberg wants the stadium. Each could help the other out—so why can’t they cut a deal?


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