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May 30, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

The Choirboy

Lawrence Lessig is one of the top minds in the country, a world-renowned specialist on intellectual property, a legal rock star. He isn’t the kind of lawyer one would expect to find arguing appeals in a lawsuit over 30-year-old incidents of rampant and widespread sexual abuse. But in the case of the American Boychoir School, he had a very compelling, very personal reason to get involved.


Baristas of the World, Unite!

There are only so many steam burns, shift changes, and manager-mandated smiles that a proletarian Starbucks employee can take. And when one fed-up New York latte-puller tried to do something about it, America’s most progressive chain freaked out. On the front lines of an overheated labor revolution.

Psst, Serena is a slut. Pass it on.

The Gossip Girl prep-school soap-opera series is not exactly Nancy Drew. But it’s become wildly popular (1.6 million books sold and counting) for its unflinching look at the collision of adolescence and Upper East Side privilege.

Summer Food '05

Grilling Around the World

Your summer guide to the world’s oldest culinary technique, featuring all-star chefs and styles from across the globe.

Sizzling Gadgets

The best equipment for the aspiring grill master.

A Griller Gets Grilled

An obsessive amateur cooks a meal for grill virtuoso Bobby Flay.


Intelligencer: May 23-30

Coldplay likes Big Macs.

It Happened Last Week

I love Nueva York.

Sea Shanty

$35 million, Riv. Vu: Corcoran’s superyacht.

Home Arsenal

Philippe Starck, gun-toting design snob.

Non-Asian Food

By non-Japanese sushi chefs.


Best Bets

Exfoliators that are innovatively easy to carry, cheap but classy plates, and more.


The more prevalent Internet porn becomes, the more relationships it ruins.

Look Book

An Astoria resident in a designer tracksuit.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Michael Tatro of Sigerson Morrison.

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.


What’s new in Napa Valley.

Real Estate

Selling the Catskills from Tribeca.

Young Salts

Even if a trip to the shore isn’t on your horizon, these new fish shacks will get you in a summery mood.

Haute Dogs

Where to find the quintessential New York summertime nosh.

The Culture Pages

Free Billy

After enduring a year of gossip notoriety, Billy Crudup plays a sadistic misanthrope every day—and couldn’t be happier.

Movie Review

The wild NYC set piece in the zoo-animal kid flick Madagascar is its only redeeming feature.

Book Review

British author Hilary Mantel’s high-quality literary horror deserves more attention.


Writers Francine du Plessix Gray and Sean Wilsey.

TV Review

The slow, deliberate artistry of Empire Falls is a bit too slow and deliberate .

Bearing Witness Reviewed

While winning dozens of awards, these journalists have lost many relationships, several husbands, and one eye. They also smoke too much.

Trump Unauthorized Reviewed

No surprises here, but you may wonder how there could have been enough room in New York for both Ozymandias and Ed Koch.

Loudmouth: Mario Cantone

I’m sure I’ll lose, but I’m in there with the biggest heavy hitters in the comedy world. I feel included for the first time.

Art Review

Malcolm Morley uses modern means for traditional ends.


Who Bought Virgil Marti's 'Large Chandelier (Red Stag and Anemones, Reversed)' and Why?

Classical Music Review

A brilliant Plácido Domingo performance revives an opera that deserves to be a classic.


The City Politic

If C. Virginia Fields wants to challenge Michael Bloomberg, she’ll have to prove she’s good at something other than being lucky.

The Bottom Line

American consumers increasingly crave retailers that make them feel rich—which is why it’s time to grab Whole Foods and dump Wal-Mart.


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