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July 25, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Celebrity and Its Discontents

Telephone rage, impromptu African sabbaticals, a trial that could only have taken place in Neverland, and an already legendary Manchurian romance—this season, our neurotic star culture seems to be suffering a complete mental collapse. Are only the crazy drawn to fame, or does fame make the famous crazy?


There Are Only So Many Fish in the Sea

In New York, high-quality fish is like oil: a precious, scarce, ever-more-valuable commodity. Competition between chefs for the choicest cuts is fierce, leaving the rest of us to choose among the rejects. A look at New York’s fish economy.
Telling Good Fish From Bad
The Taste Test
Out of the Water, Onto Your Plate

The ATM for Bush's America

An enterprising duo created a Wall Street network of donors who dropped a lot of money to buy capital in the red-state nation. But now that it looks like that capital will be spent on a culture-war agenda, rather than a radical business agenda, it seems fair to ask, Did the city slickers get hoodwinked?


Intelligencer Gossip

Dean falls flat in the Hamptons, Bjork to set sail, Lotus club goes intellectual, and more.

It Happened Last Week

he week after the London bombings, it Twas borne in upon slightly anxious New Yorkers that the MTA had spent a mere $30 million of the $600 million it had committed to security.

The Slurpee Invader

7-Eleven’s CEO on condoms, Crystal Light, his company’s new inÞltration of Manhattan—and why corner bodegas should have no fear.

Piping-Plover Murder Mystery

Who ran one down on Fire Island? “It could have been anyone.”

NASCAR Nation’s Super-Chef

Mario Batali, the man behind Babbo, sets out to feed 75 million race-car fans. “They’ll cook literally anything,” he says admiringly.

You Smell Young

Does “youth perception” perfume spritz off the years?


Best Bets

A small but powerful digital camera, fancy rubber bands, and more.

Economy of One

How Adrian Grenier would spend $9,000.

The Look Book

A dapper anesthesiologist and family.

Great Rooms

Palm Beach in the Village.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Mary Apicella of Anya Hindmarch.

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.

Market Research

A guide to personal safes.

Restaurant Review

New chefs try to make their mark in restaurants known for high turnover.

In Season

A Nasturtium recipe.

On the East End

The Beard House’s annual charity bash returns. Chefs & Champagne 2005.

Crab Pickings

The Minnow’s Blue Crab Festival. Run sideways, don’t walk, to this Park Slope seafood fest.


The problems of revealing guilty sexual pleasures.


How to defeat frizzy summer hair.

Real Estate

Manhattanites discover the far side of Prospect Park.

The Culture Pages

Stumbling Into Grace

Once upon a time, Emmylou Harris was a starving artist in the Village.

Movie Review

Johnny Depp, weird and wonderful as Willy Wonka.

You Might Be a Redneck (Or a Zombie) If . . .

A guide to the horror glut.

Theater Review

It’s almost impossible to make Shakespeare in the Park unenjoyable.

'Primo' Reviewed

What 'Primo' really proves is that there is no way to do justice to Levi's words onstage.

Long Story Short

How The Mambo Kings got beheaded on the way to Broadway.

Kitschmeister: Timothy Haskell

Q&A with the director.

Book Review

An insightful short-story collection about the children of Israel’s Greatest Generation.

Influences: Lorrie Moore

The author on her Broadway-musical fixation.

Investigator: Stacy Horn

Q&A with the author.

Classical Music

Tell-all oboist Blair Tindall on what’s wrong with the institutions that prop up classical music.

The Approval Matrix: July 25, 2005

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

The Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival is a self-impressed, elitist gathering—and also a reason to believe that all is not lost in America.


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